How to Stay Fit in This Draining Corporate World. Image Source: IANS

How to Stay Fit in This Draining Corporate World.

We often hear a lot about heart diseases and recently terms like cardio vascular diseases have sprung from all sides of the internet, from families, from family doctors and even youngsters! So, what is that all about?

How many of us actually know what this is about in the real sense?

There is a minor difference between cardiovascular and the regular heart diseases that we may come across. Cardiovascular usually refers to problems that begin within the blood vessels of the body. 

Whereas, if you have been heard about problems related to the heart alone- this could mean that they are specific physical deformities and issues within the heart, its functioning and muscles.

Did you know almost one in each of the four deaths that take place in U.S.A. is a resultant action of some heart disease? So, that means this is a deadly disease that is quietly increasing in numbers!

Next, we need to find a solution. So, if you get some natural, proven and well researched remedy for curing heart related issues- would this hurt?

I doubt. Even if you feel lazy, your mind and body would love the idea. So, give what your body aches for! Let’s get started!

What is the New secret to a Heart Disease Free Heart?

This is none other than Yoga and many forms of Stress Free Aerobic Exercises!

The Goodness of Doing Yoga and other Aerobic Exercises are innumerable and you have gotta know it!

Yogic Connection with our Hearts

Studies at the American College of Cardiology show that, Heart Disease patients who do engage in a lot of yoga exercises have seen a lot of improvements in their health.

Parameters like blood pressure, cholesterol, and even body mass index will be considered. It had been noticed that those who practice yoga and aerobic interventions in their daily life, will find a steady reduction in obesity, cholesterol, body and also the blood pressure.

 Yoga is a type of treatment whereby both the mind and body gets cured and stabilized. 

Indian Yoga has an innate power to reduce the vascular, mental and physical stress within an individual. 

This will then move on to decreased cardiovascular mortality and thereby improve the health and life of the cardiovascular muscles.

Few positive difference that have been found are: Regular heart beats, lesser cases of irregular heart beats (fibrillation).

It has been noticed to decrease the rate of palpitations that a heart patient normally experiences.

Do you want to try using Yoga?

Great idea!

I do not completely disagree with using medicines, but you see- all those have their limits and demerits.

It is not that Yoga is a super power that is going to bid adieu to all our mental and physical ailments, but still they do not have that many negative outcomes compared to allopathic medicines.

You can always try yoga under the guidance of an experienced yoga practitioner. They would give you the right instructions to do the perfect yoga steps as per the age, disease and any other factors that affect you.

For a start, maybe you could kick- start with a few breathing exercise and then the rest of the exercise can follow suit.

Go for yoga and give your heart the best!