India is an ensemble of the world's geographical wonders, fringing landscapes and mountains, hills and valleys, plateaus and beaches. Its land is as diverse as its culture and tradition. Tourists line up every year to catch a glimpse of the stunningly beautiful winter destinations in India. Be it snow-clad mountain peaks and chill foggy hills to warm tropical lands perfect for winter.

Here's a list of the most beautiful Indian destinations to visit in winter:


One of the most attractive places all year round, Gulmarg is one of the most visited destinations in winter. It becomes more beautiful as it rains fresh snow every winter. People gather by the snow-clad hills and frozen lakes for skiing and other adventurous activities. Cable car rides are the major attractions here, and Gulmarg Gandola is the famous one. It happens to be the world's highest operating cable car that runs at the height of 13,000 ft to get you a spectacular glimpse of the Apharwat peak.

Snow Capped Mountains in Gulmarg Image Source: IANS

State: Jammu and Kashmir
Duration: Around 5hr 35m in from Kochi by flight


A trip to the Queen of Hills through snow-covered forests and white valleys during winter is incredible. It has rolling hills lined with structures built during the colonial era and streets lined with markets and antique iron lamp posts.

Snowfall in Shimla Image Source: IANS

Ice skating and skiing are a few of the activities that await you. There's no better place to catch a refreshing sight of snowfall. Visit the Shimla Water Catchment Wildlife Sanctuary if you visit.

Snow Marathon in Himachal Pradesh Image Source: IANS News

State: Himachal Pradesh
Duration: around 4hr 50min from Kochi by flight


The soulful Gangtok is a unique hill station to visit owing to the monasteries and Gondolas that it is famous for. It sprinkles snow during winter and cloaks mountains and valleys in it, making it an ideal tourist winter spot. It is often visited by Buddhist pilgrims, tourists, trekkers, and honeymooners for the peaceful panorama that it is.

A City in Gangtok Hill Station Image Source: IANS News

State: Sikkim
Duration: 7hr 17min from Kochi by flight


Zanskar, or Zangskar is a unique destination in Ladakh known for the Chadar Trek or the Frozen River Trek. Adventure awaits you in one of the most beautiful winter destinations in North India. It snows heavily in the area, freezing the Zanskar river, which makes it famous venue for the trek. The trek is both dangerous and beautiful, as it involves crossing the frozen river. An average snowfall during the peak of winters in Zanskar is 68%, and only by June will it clear of the snow.

Location: Ladakh
Duration: 11hr 40min from Kochi by flight


Home to the famous Amarnath Cave Temple, Pahalgam is a beautiful hill station in the north Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. In the precipice of winter, snowfall creates magic with its landscape, located at the confluence of the Lidder River and the Sheshnag Lake. Also known as the Valley of Shepherds, Pahalgam is famous for the Amar Yatra Pilgrimage. On the other hand, it make a beautiful winter destination with the banks of river filled with pebbles clad in thick snow, and pine near the mountain ranges.

Beautiful landscape of Pahalgam in Jammu and Kashmir Image Source: IANS

State: Jammu and Kashmir

Duration: 5hr 35min from Kochi by flight

If skiing is what you want to tick off your bucket list, head to the Skiing Capital of India, Auli. Lush green hills rule the land throughout the year until it snows in winter. Chair car rides and ice skating are other activities you can indulge in. Auli lies at the foot of Nanda Devi, Neelkanth, and Mana Parbat, and the sight is something you cannot afford to miss when in India.

Skiing in the Skiing Capital of India Image Source: IANS

State: Uttarakhand
Duration: 2hr 15min from Mumbai by flight


Translating to "The Meadow of Gold," Sonamarg is a paradise on earth covered in snow carpets. Glaciated mountain ranges and frozen lakes add charm to the destination. Popular for the Thajiwas Glacier, tourists crowd to experience river rafting and trekking in the winters. Summer comes late in Sonamarg, late in May. If experiencing snowfall and playing with snowballs is on your list for your next vacation, Sonamarg is the place for you.

Snow carpets in Jammu and Kashmir Image Source: IANS News

State: Jammu and Kashmir
Duration: 7hr 30min from Kochi by flight


Outlined by the beautiful Nilgiri hills is the famous hill station of the South, Ooty. It is laden with Eucalyptus trees, pine forests, and tea plantations gently cloaked with fog during winters. Remnants of the early British invasion lie in the St. Stephens Church and Stone House. The Nilgiris mountain toy train ride is something one shouldn't miss.

Through the Pines in Ooty Image Source: IANS News

State: Tamil Nadu
Duration: 7hr 20min from Kochi by road


A hill station located along the Western Ghats mountain range, Munnar is a heavenly landscape draped in tea plantations established in the 19th century. Munnar is one of the most sought out destinations in India with resorts and activities, and has been attracting tourists for decades.

Tea Plantations in Munnar Image Source: IANS

It becomes moderately warm during December, with less humidity and drop-dead gorgeous scenery. The blue beauty Neelakurinji flower blooms every twelve years in this location, curating a heavenly sight for the hundreds who visit it.

Munnar Image Source: IANS

State: Kerala
Duration: 3hr 47min from Kochi by road


Winters make Manali a paradise in itself. Experiencing snowfall in Manali is a treat for the eyes while you are at the foot of tall white mountains and frozen lakes. Skiing, paragliding, ice skating, or hiking are the major activities entertained here. You will need at least four days to cover the popular destinations in Manali, and exploring this place is your escape from reality.

It’s raining snow in Manali Image Source: IANS News

State: Himachal Pradesh
Duration: 2hr 10min from Mumbai by flight

Experience this season at its best with a trip to India's most alluring winter destinations with your loved ones, and end this year on a beautiful note.