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"Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured." B.K.S. Iyengar

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We all strive to get healthy and get ticking out all the sites and blogs we can lay our hands on. We often learn the asanas or rather the exercises that come in this fitness package. But how many of us know all the boons of doing this exercise. Very few of us know. In fact, a lot of authentic and deep rooted research is being done in this area.

That is where we would like to throw some light on and hope that this helps. Go ahead and ponder on the points that have served with much though from my side. Of course, these are the brain works of many scientists from various universities.

Why Yoga is loved and popularized around the world?

Yoga is famous to the limit that, now the world sets a day for it! It is the Yoga Day. Well, that could give you an idea of how positively it has helped millions of people. 

Stretch Those Curves

Yoga is all about stretching and the more smoothly you do (don’t overdo it!), yoga can actually help you become as flexible as a snake. So, get to yoga to loosen up those stiff muscles.

Strike The Strength Buzz Back

Got wobbly muscles or those that slack down? Hmm, you must be looking at the mirror and recollecting how smart you looked. No worries, take one Asana at a time, and make those flimsy muscles a bit sturdy.

Take a look at the various types of yogas: Read Here!

Get that Pose Right!

From slouching to bending, you have given that back of yours, a heavy toil. Give it a break and let it get back to shape! How if you keep asking, I would simple say Yoga! I mean this fitness mantra is like a powerhouse of endless benefits.

Inhale, exhale and breathe the way you should!

Umm, I know, you may be thinking- what sort of a dumb benefit is this? No joking, but there are many people who are not able to breathe right! From infectious congestions, pneumonia, asthma, and over weight related panting and breathing problems- there are many people who suffer.

So, this Yoga is for them! Sit calm, breathe in the fresh early morning, unpolluted air that reaches your balconies or parks or wherever you are. It won’t take more than a couple of minutes. Make use of it!

You indirectly strengthen your muscles (lungs) and flush out all the toxic gases that stay huddled inside body.

Need More? Well, the above three points are those that have been the talk of the town over the past few years. But as research never ceases to stop, we have some new researches that prove that Yoga can cure real diseases. So, take this Yoga Hill to Good Health.

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Kick That Depression Out

Feeling down? Dull? And not essentially sad? Hmm, that could be tickling the beginning phase of depression and you need to give that unruly lane a break. For this, one of the harmless ways is through yoga.

Yoga’s Take on Depression: Research Study

  • If you are the one who falls into the depression dump quickly, then you might wanna try the magic of yoga in your life.
  • In 2017, the American Psychological Association , conducted a research on the influence of yoga on depression.
  • According to the researchers, they have found that Hatha Yoga is one branch in yoga that focusses on mental health, and peace.
  • Those who practised yoga, were able to feel the difference in their quality of life after almost 8 weeks.
  • They could feel more optimistic, and even their cognitive and their physical side of functioning was much more smoother.
  • Apart from that, they could feel a lesser pressure from stress, sadness, loneliness, and depression.
  • Most Effective: The continual process of Yoga was about 8 weeks or more was most helpful for many patients who were deemed as resistant to the treatment for depression.
  • Research is still at its primary stages, and it is certainly not a complete cure- but the results have thrown light on the possibilities.
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Get Yoga Music to Bed!

How many of you like music? Yeah, I know, many do and some even don't. It's weird not to love music, but there are exceptions for every theory on this Earth!

If you are one who loves to get a daily dose of some music at bedtime, that's great! You have higher chances to be healthy, wise, and here are the reasons for that!

Yoga’s Take on Music and Heart: Health Research Study

  • Heard about music therapy? This Yoga Music also almost follows the same principles and it is said to give in the same benefits to the person who tries it.
  • Yoga Music is one that helps people to sleep better, feel relaxed and give enough rest to the body.
  • When sleep falls into the right place, then it does help bring down the anxiety levels in a person.
  • That in turn improves the heart health of a person.
  • If the heart health is low, this would eventually affect the nervous system of the person, thus inviting a lot of cardiovascular diseases and immunity based diseases.

Stress Reversal

As life gets more complex, we gets stressed and this is in fact – a normal, and accepted part of life. But the stress can go overboard and can eventually bring a lot of illness into the body system.

Yoga’s Take on Stress Reversal: Health Research Study

  • There are a lot of mind body interventions  (MBI) that people can use like yoga, meditation and Tai Chi.
  • According to the expert research , when a person does the above mentioned exercises, interventions and meditations, it does simply mean that the mind and body are at peace.
  • But instead it means, continual performance of yoga can reverse the functioning of our DNA.
  • It means that such treatments can alter the molecular reactions that exist within our DNA. 
  • Thus, it would stop the process of mental stress and depression within our body.
  • Mind relieving exercises like yoga have been found to alter the genes in the body. It produces certain proteins as necessary and this is fed to the immune system and the brain in the right proportions and at the right times.
  • Normally, the body creates a system wherein the body gets a fight or fight response, and that is way the body is able to push away the stress that falls into the mind. 
  • This reaction is short- lived and can give way to cancer fighting diseases in the long run.
  • But once MBIs are done, research has shown that this process can be reversed. The body will decrease the release of such responses and thereby controlling the development of many disorders like  depression and anxiety based disorders.

Your Daily Page of Yoga

The physical and mental issues that was listed here, are normal problems that all of us face in day- to – day lives. Hope you find this useful, If not you, share it with someone who may be suffering deep inside. Share, and cure the exercise of love and inner healing- Yoga.