men in relationship Image Source: IANS News

It is commonly said that women are complex in mental nature while men remain easy to understand and simple. Whatever be the reasons that backup this comment, in relationships both men and women follow slightly diverted paths. What men look for in a relationship is not what motivates women to fall in relationships. The differences in desires, mentalities, passion, expression levels etc., are resulted from some unknown causes; might be hormonal differences, mindset changes or social concepts.

Women get time to be settled in a relationship, but if settled down, they remain so dedicated and sacrificing for it; while men jump into relationships so easily and get out of it with same easiness. However, experts say that if provided with the requirements and if matched with his desires, even men ardently remain in the relationships.

Unconditional love

Demands and conditions are a big turn off for men of all nature. Men prefer unconditional love, especially in a relationship. Many women adhere often to the mistake of demanding or putting forward certain conditions in return to the love offered.

It is a common nature of men that mechanical way of life makes them bored and frustrated soon. They want life like a free flowing leaf in the water. Conditions are often understood as barriers in the free flow of love and men may look for someone else to share the life.

Friendship and communication

Instead of being authoritarian in life, men look for real friendship and a partner for open communication in relationships. Many men accept that they look for a better friend when they get into relationships, rather a sex partner or female companion. The friendship aspect helps them to open mind and share the life through active communication. Though women are labeled as born with rarely-silent tongue, even men like to talk and be listened.

The couples who nurture better friendship in the relationship are more likely to enjoy lifelong romance and happiness. Times are gone when the husband had to take over the role of all-controlling and all-deciding authority while wife remains the silent and all accepting partner. Today better families are which constitute a union of partners based on deeper friendship and never irritating communication strategies.


Lovemaking has prominent role in helping people to progress in relationships. Many couple fails pathetically to understand the right role of sexuality in relationships, especially in marriage. Sexuality is not a forbidden fruit which is often misconceived as a necessary evil; but an essential harmonizer in relationships. It unites men and women so deeply in love. Many people consider sex as just a process of procreating and begetting kids. In fact, procreation is just one of the aspects of lovemaking. The name lovemaking says it all as it is making or establishing love and affection between two people.

Every relationship has to understand the sexual elements involved in it and denying it to any of the couples, is a big mistake which make lead to a breakup. Men are very much bound to sexuality as the male sexuality is very much dynamic. Sexual desires and mode of sexual appetite differs in men and women, Men are fast beginners while women slow-starters. Understanding the differences in sexual nature may help the partners to deal with it most successfully. Men want more sex; of course, while women may not feel the necessity often.

Support and encouragement

Each partner in a relationship has to support and each other and encourage themselves. Men are very much addicted to incessant support and perpetual encouragement. Female partners need to tune up men consistently by encouraging them and offering support in all the matters related to his personal life as well the matters related the relationship. All men strive for the support of the partner in relationships and when he doesn't get adequate support he may think about another relationship in which he expects more encouragement and support.

Commitment and fidelity

Needless to say, men look for utmost commitment and uncompromised fidelity in relationships. They want their partners to solely dedicate themselves in the relationships and many men feel it heartbreaking to even think that the partner is less committed. Women with 'roaming-eye' are always considered unaccepted by men.