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Venus Transit predictions

Venus the planet of luxury, opulence, lust and glamour- is a much awaited guest in each Rasi that fortunately happens with its transit at least once a year. Also a notorious barometer of sex, Venus is the planet which we can see with our naked eye as a nocturnal wonder in the skies like a speck of diamond. The same astronomical characteristic of beauty is prevalent in terms of its astrological counterpart. Brihath jataka mentions about Venus as representing the “sexual love of Kalpurush”and places it as a Brahmin in its nature and states that it loves comforts and stands for ‘soft eyes and curly hair’.

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On October 18, 2022, Venus entered the sign of Libra under the Pushya Nakshatra. Now Venus will transit in Scorpio (Vrischik) on November 11 at around 7:52 p.m in Mrigashirsha (Makeeram) nakshatra on the Tritiya Tithi of Krishna Paksh to remain there till December 5th 2022, as per Vedic sidereal calculations. The finer fact about this transit is that Venus is aspecting Taurus it’s natural house from Scorpio. This could mean anything from the start of a live-in relationship to proposals to scandals or hush- hush affairs for many!

Scorpio is a mysterious jala tatwa (water element) rasi and Venus being a water prominent planet comfortably lands in the Martian sign. Scorpio has been described in Brihathjataka as water rasi, rises with its head greatly interested in women, compassionate and inclined towards lowly people. Generally speaking, Venus being the bringer of luxuries, beauty, sex, money and being the natural karaka of romance and marriage, let’s see what this Venus transit will bring you.

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The predictions below are based on the influence of the Venus transit with reference to each house in the zodiac.

Aries - Mesha Rashi

The Venus transit in Scorpio which is the eighth house of occult, mystery and losses, from Aries. Being the lord of the second house, beware of your food habits especially undernourishment, be careful about your speech especially with the opposite sex and invest only with caution. This is a time to study occult sciences like astrology if interested. Eighth being a house of scandals and affairs, beware of an affair blowing up at your face.

Taurus - Vrishabha Rashi

Taurus being the house of Venus is directly impacted by Scorpio Venus, hence if your are into beauty industry, creative arts or intend getting into a creative field, then you are in luck. Wedding bells can ring for you or you could meet someone special during this transit of Venus as the planet of love has the direct aspect on Taurus from Scorpio. Joint ventures will flourish. You would invest in beauty products and treatments.

Gemini - Mithuna Rashi

The Venus transit is in the sixth house and so is the lord of the twelfth. You should pay attention to your health as issues might prop up during this time. You may have to do travels and beware of financial losses. Litigations and allegations are likely, so tread carefully.

Cancer - Karka Rashi

This is an ideal time to meet your soulmate!! Love is in the air. The Venus transit is in the fifth house of creativity, love and hobbies and the lord of the eleventh is seated there. If waiting for a hike in your salary this is a good time. For those in the creative fields, you would be able to make a mark effortlessly.

Leo - Simha Rashi

Venus transit is in the fourth house of mother, home and pleasure for Leo aspecting the tenth house of occupation. Work from home will work for you! Luxuries will increase in your domestic front. Home will be your happiness zone and your mother will enjoy good health and peace.

Virgo - Kanya Rashi

Venus transit for Virgo is in the third house with aspect on the ninth. It is a lucky time for your younger siblings. You could work towards your father's well-being. A long awaited temple visit also could happen. As a writer you will go ultra creative.

Libra - Tula Rashi

Venus transit Is happening in the second house, hence financially you would progress and could invest safely. You could reconnect with your family if you are staying away. You will enjoy good food and could invest in fixed assets.

Scorpio - Vrushchika Rashi

In this Venus transit, you are going to go super romantic- proposals, marriage, romantic alliances and bed pleasures! It's an ideal time to invest in your looks and health. You will enjoy good partnerships. You will have the glow on your face others will ask the reason for as the Lord of beauty is seated in your sign.

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Sagittarius - Dhanu Rashi

In this Venus transit do not take loans as Venus is posited in the twelfth house of losses directly aspecting the sixth house of debts. There will be heavy expenses especially unnecessary ones for luxuries and your credit card bill could go beyond limits. So spend prudently.

Capricorn - Makara Rashi

This Venus transit in your eleventh house, there will be an increase in your social circle and your credibility will increase in your networks. You could get a hike In your salary and you will gain the respect of your seniors.

Aquarius - Kumbha Rashi

You will invest in luxury for your home or work on home projects on beautifications as this Venus transit is in the tenth house of work directly aspecting the fourth house. Those in the esearch and Development will have unnatural success as Scorpio is an ideal placement for research. The work environment will give you contentment and even a promotion.

Pisces - Meena Rashi

Being the house of exaltation of Venus and it being placed in the ninth house, if you are aiming for higher education, it will become fruitful. Your communication skills will improve rastically . You could be gifted with a laptop or Mobile phone given the lord of fortune with Venus aspects the house of communication. All your efforts will bear fruit and you would be very lucky in general.

Venus Transit Remedies

If your reading was not that good- don’t bite the nails!! Fasting on Fridays and donations of items related to Venus like sweets, clothes, silver or perfumes will appease Venus.

Worshipping Ma Laxmi, maintaining good hygiene and respecting your spouse also are advised.

Isn’t it a relief that the Venus transit brings its lustre in turns to each sign each month to shine cupid on you…!!