Venus Transit December 2022 Image Source: Prokerala

Venus Transit in Sagittarius December 2022

Homer, the great literary giant of all times, has described Venus as the 'most beautiful star in the sky'. Astrologically also, luster and beauty are closely associated with this lovely planet. In Vedic astrology, Venus is associated with Shukracharya, who is the teacher of the asuras. Venus is associated with luxuries, beauty, glamor, and romantic activities. The beauty, fashion, and film industries are closely related to Venus. Diamond is the gemstone associated with Venus, hence worn by people to enhance the Venusian qualities. Venus will transit to Sagittarius on the 5th of December, 2022 and will stay there till the transit of Venus in Capricorn on the 29th of December, waiting for the next transit on the 22nd January, 2023, to Aquarius.

Aries (Mesh)

For Aries, the transit of Venus in Sagittarius- the ninth house, will bring about happiness in family and marital pleasures. If in a romantic association, this is the time to get down on one knee and offer the ring! This is the right time for smart investments. Your spouse will be lucky for you by giving you the most timely advice. Students will fare well in exams and will get opportunities for higher education. In Capricorn, the Venus transit will make you spend more time with family and fulfill the necessary duties towards them. You will gel well with colleagues and remain a good team player. This transit of Venus could also bring about good business ties.

Taurus (Vrishab)

This transit of Venus in Sagittarius, being the lagnesh and sixth lord, you should pay attention to your lifestyle, as there is a great tendency for lifestyle-related diseases. There could be expenses related to litigations if you are not careful. You could feel diffident during this time. But when the transit of Venus in Capricorn happens, you will see that your health will improve with some dramatic recoveries. You will gain more confidence, and your efforts to look good will yield results faster. Your father will prove to be of great support to you.

Gemini (Mithuna)

The twelfth house and fifth house lords leap into the seventh house of Sagittarius with this transit of Venus. You could turn a crush into a marriage as wedding is on your cards. You will enjoy marital happiness and splurge money on your spouse. Your wife could turn into a little bit of a spendthrift, so stay money-wise. You would spend time with your wife doing things you are passionate about. In Capricorn, you could lose your peace of mind and sleep over minor issues. You could have misunderstandings with your spouse. Try to be clear in your communications.

Cancer (Karka)

Venus, the lord of the fourth and eleventh houses, transits the sixth house in Sagittarius. You have to heed your mother's health. Expect backstabbing and backbiting from friends; hence revisit your trust quotient! Friends could turn into foes. It would be best if you were careful about your vehicle. In the Capricorn transit of Venus, you could expect a proposal from your friend's circle, which could turn into a lifelong commitment. There could be auspicious events or gatherings in the house. Your happiness on the home front will increase. You could get good deals on vehicles if you intend to buy one.

Leo (Simha)

This Venus transit in Sagittarius, in the fifth house for Leos, will bring child luck if planning for one. It will bring you to your creative best. If your career involves fashion, glamor, beauty, and entertainment- then now is the time, for you are going to shine bright like the Venus itself. The transit Venus in Capricorn will bring faulty workplace communications. So, hold your horses! You could have disagreements with your children or lover. It would be best if you were careful about your communications on the social media.

Virgo (Kanya)

Venus being the lord of the second and ninth, transiting in the fourth house of Sagittarius, will bring about happiness in home life. If you intend buying a house or vehicles, this is the time you will hit the right deals. Your father will bring you a lot of happiness and you could go on a pilgrimage with your family. In Capricorn, you could win lotteries or gain money through speculation. Your children will bring you a lot of joy. You could get hold of the right bargain for a land or house, if you are looking for any.

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Libra (Tula)

The lagnesh and the lord of eight, transits the third house, when Venus transits Sagittarius. It will bring a lot of courage and creativity. Your could buy an expensive mobile phone or laptop. This is a time when you could go through a rough patch regarding health and finances. So, pay attention to your investments. You also could inherit a valuable asset. In Capricorn, pay attention to your mother's health. You might spend money on home renovation or household gadgets.

Scorpio (Vrishchik)

This Venus transit may make you spend more on your family. You will bond well with your wife with a lot of meaningful communications. You would find the right people to collaborate with. The lord of the twelfth in the second house will bring expenses that may push you to break your fixed deposit. In Capricorn, the Venus transit brings rivalry with the siblings as the lord of the twelfth and seventh is transiting the third. Your neighbors could also bring your trouble and you could lose sleep over it. Your wife will support you throughout, hence do take her advice.

Sagittarius (Dhanus)

Venus transit in Sagittarius, will make you work harder for a raise and you most likely will achieve your targets. You will become popular among your friends. You could also make some enemies in the go. In Capricorn, the Venus transit is in the second house, and the lord of the eleventh in there will make you do wise investments. You could gather your friends and family for some event. You may undergo some dental procedure.

Capricorn (Makar)

Venus being the lord of tenth and fifth, the transit of Venus in Sagittarius should be dealt with serious caution. You should avoid conflicts with your love interest. If you are thinking about a job change, this is not the apt time for it. You could work a lot harder than required, and it could affect your sleep. You may tear your pocket for your loved one or kids. In Capricorn, you will find yourself more focused on work, and you will spend more time with your kids. You will feel more confident, and your reputation will improve.

Aquarius (Kumbh)

Venus transit in Sagittarius is in the eleventh house. The lord of the ninth and fourth in eleventh will bring windfalls in the income area. You will get lucky with the right networks. You will spend more time with your mother, and you will experience domestic bliss. Your parents could share a piece of their fortune with you as well. You could win the lottery too! In Capricorn, you should be careful not to speculate. You should pay attention to your parent's health.

Pisces (Meen)

In the transit of Venus in Sagittarius, which is the tenth house, you should be careful about your workplace communications. It would be best if you did not take unnecessary risks at the workplace. You could become popular with your writing. In Capricorn, your income will double with your enterprising nature. You could benefit from your younger siblings or neighbors. You could plan a short trip with your friends. You should, however take the advice of friends with a pinch of salt.


Those who did not get a great reading, do not sulk! You can improve your Venus by fasting on Fridays; or by donating milk, sweets or dresses to small girls. You can also improve your Venus by leading a straightforward and moral life, sharing your luxuries with those who matter to you. Let Venus bring the twinkle in your life with love, happiness and comforts!