Venus Transit to Capricorn Image Source: Prokerala

Venus moves from Sagittarius to Capricorn on December 09, 2022

Venus, the embodiment of collective love, luxury, and beauty- is moving from the daring sign of Sagittarius to a more practical and loyal Capricorn. Venus is the signifactor of romance. We could perceive that in general, the dynamics of romance have gone for a toss, and the lure of one-night stands or casual dating has taken a downhill. You could be out with a note pad, checking and crossing off the items on a must-have list, for your best half. The transit of Venus in Capricorn is from the 9th of December, 2022 to the 2nd of January 2023 according to planet transits based on tropical system (western astrology). This transit in the earth sign brings more stability and practicality in the items related to the house. Scroll down for the snapshot of how Venus in Capricorn affects the twelve signs.


With the Christmas and New year bash on the calendar, there is a chance to hook someone at the workplace and it could lead to a serious commitment. You could get vocal about your expectations from a romantic partner. You will find happiness in your workplace.


You could get lucky with your love life, as the Venus transit in Capricorn, is now gracing your ninth house. You will throw caution to the wind and fall deeply in love. You will be devoted to your mate. If you feel your relationship will make you more evolved, then you will jump in. Your father or boss could prove to be lucky for you. You could get into higher studies as well.


Casual flings are not your thing now. You are on the look out for something deep. You are in search of mysteries and skeletons lying in the 'love interests' closet, while staying secretive about yours!! You will gain money through mysterious sources as well. You will want to learn occult.


When Venus transits Capricorn, you will find yourself settling for a practical relationship. You will find yourself more loyal and traditional in your outlook toward marital relationship. You would want a serious tie instead of a casual fling. Enjoyment of comforts of home and an increase in income especially through the support and cooperation of your spouse is likely.


The Venus transit in Capricorn in the sixth house, sets Leo in a mind-set of better to stay single than mess it with an incompatible person. With your innocence you could fall for the victim games. So stay aloof from emotional dramas slash waterworks. You will be very creative at work and will become more confident.


The Venus transit in the house of pleasure... what's more to be said? You are going to have al king-size luxuries. It is worth a try to get viral with your masterpiece this time, as creativity goes over the roof for you. Artists, designers, media professionals- you will find yourself at your creative best.


The Venus transit in the fourth house of home and family. There will be happiness at home and you could move to your love nest with your significant other. You could find yourself lazing in the cosiness of your home and your mother will pamper you a lot.


The Venus transit in the third house would bring allure to your love life through communications. Dating apps will work for you. You will give the much needed emphasis to dieting and exercising to get in shape or health. You will spend money on health and luxury.


The Venus is bidding adieu to Sagittarius and pouncing towards Capricorn on the 9th of December. Being the second house, this brings a lot of sensuality and you would give weightage to stability over anything. You could also experience the magic of golden tongue and get into the good books of people. Your income will increase, so will your friends circle. Your partner will add value to your relationship during this phase.


Venus in Capricorn will place you under the mistletoe at all times!! Your personal charisma and attractiveness will get magnified and you will be smothered by admirers. You could find your lover interest at your workplace. You will enjoy your job and you will show great enthusiasm and creativity there. You will also find time for those movies you had in your wish list for a long long time.


You will enjoy seclusion and will contemplate over your liaisons. You will enjoy spending time in the comfort of your home. You will love the solitude and spend time learning about different things or even enrol for higher studies. You may also go on a trip to a foreign country.


The transit of Venus in the eleventh house will bring a lot of friends from the opposite sex, even a few crushes! Ouch! You will gain a lot from your networks and you will become popular. You will have a tendency to make money through speculation. You could inherit small or huge fortune.

Venus shows where you would spend your resources and how you woo your partner. Capricorn can make you point blank in your approach towards romance. Fashion industry will prioritise the practicality factor. Home designers and home makers will bring the earth elements like crystals, earthen wares and terracotta decor into the nests during this cycle of Venus in Capricorn.

Let Venus click for you during this New Year for lasting abundance the whole year long!