An office building with a good vastu is supposed to bring prosperity and fortune by increasing the efficiency of employees working there. This test given here is a Vastu for office test to evaluate the office vastu compliance. Find out how much your office room or building scores in this Office Vastu Test.

Following is a free vastu test for Office or Shop. Answer the questions by choosing correct answers from the options listed below.

Vastu score calculator
What is your personal feeling about the property
Do you know about any unnatural death that occurred there?
The people living on the property earlier were:
If the property was used for commercial purpose earlier, how was it doing?
Position of the front door or gate is towards :
Position of the kitchen or pantry is towards :
What is in the South West?
What is the placement or turning of the staircase?
What is the direction of the tube well or the water bodies?
What best describes the surroundings?