There are many factors to be considered before constructing a building or your house on a plot of land. Some of the factors which are important from the Vastu shastra aspect of view for a plot are - From whom you buy the plot, direction of the plot, environment or sorrounding of the plot, obstruction in front of the main gate of the plot etc. This vastu shastra test for plots is a vastu test to find the vastu score of a plot of land.

Vastu shastra for Plot • Calculate vastu score for plot of land

Vastu score calculator
Which side is the plot facing?
Are there any spread roads?
Which is the side the plot is sloping towards?
Which is the side the plot is raised towards?
What is the shape of the plot?
What is the quality of the soil?
Are there any extension?
What is the angle of the tilt with respect to the magnetic axis of the earth?
What are the surroundings?