An office building with a good vastu is supposed to bring prosperity and fortune by increasing the efficiency of employees working there. This test given here is a Vastu for office test to evaluate the office vastu compliance. Find out how much your office room or building scores in this Office Vastu Test.

Following is a free vastu test for Office or Shop. Answer the questions by choosing correct answers from the options listed below.

Vastu score calculator - How good is your office's vastu?

Vastu score calculator
In which corner is your cabin or table?
Which side are you facing?
Where is the cash box in the accounts department?
Where is the sales counter or sales departments?
Where are the stocks?
Which side does the safe or the cash box open?
Where is the Pantry/Kitchen/Teapot/Heater?
Where is the main door?
Where is the toilet?
Is the Floor on the same level or are there any depressions or elevations?