Vastu Shastra is a doctrine that is followed by a lot of people when it comes to the construction of houses and offices. This is one of the best ways through which they can make sure that they get a large influx of positivity and prosperity into their lives. This, in fact, is an ancient Indian principle, so it certainly has a lot of credibility. With the help of a few Vastu tips for offices, you will certainly be able to enhance your own financial luck.

Vastu Shastra was actually used as architectural measure in ancient India. It was used for building structures and designing them from the interior. There are many Vastu Shastra experts who have declared that the principles of this doctrine should be followed from the basic construction itself. If you are a Vastu follower and you have just started the construction of a workplace, you can always make use of Vastu tips for offices.

But if you have already built your office and you have just turned to the Vastu discipline, you would have to adapt another method. You don't have to break everything down and build it up, brick by brick, you can just learn from the the best Vastu tips and get what you have desired for all this time. These Vastu remedies can certainly be used to improve your condition without a doubt. Click here to check your office Vastu online with the Online Vastu Calculator for Office.

Tips for best Vastu at office

When it comes to Vastu for work spaces, one has to make sure that the interior is perfect and exactly how it should be. After all, this is where people work and this is their environment. Unless and until this environment and the working conditions are perfect, people will not be able to work their best and they certainly won't be able to get as much as they ought to. So, here are some really important Vastu tips for work spaces :

  1. No obstacles: Business and work has to be about free and unending opportunities. In order to promote the amount of opportunities you get, you have to make sure that there are no obstacles in your office. There should be nothing obstructing the path between you and the entrance to your office.
  2. Keep the centre empty: The centre of your office space or work space should be kept empty. If you are working from within a cubicle, you have to make do by drawing a circle at the centre of the work station and make sure that you don't really use any objects within that circle.
  3. Location of the reception: If you are running a business, make sure that the reception to your business is located in the north-eastern part of the office. When the receptionist faces the clients and the potential customers, he or she has to be looking in the north or the eastern direction, for these are the directions of birth and revival, or new chances as well.
  4. Using the power of water: Flowing water can be really beneficial for such areas, so you can make sure that you use some water bodies as a part of Vastu in office. The water bodies that you buy should be placed in the northern or the eastern corners of the office, for this is where they will get maximum attention and importance as well. Fish in the water can be really helpful in promoting Vastu in office. You can have an aquarium with 1 blackfish and 9 goldfish. This is believed to be the most fortunate idea for having fish to enhance Vastu Shastra for office spaces.
  5. Executives should be located in west: The highest level of operators and workers in the company should be located in the west, south or the southwest part of the office. This brings good Vastu in office spaces.
  6. The middle level management: The middle level management should have their offices located in the northern and the eastern zones and the field staff can be given offices in the north western part of the office. This promotes maximum amount of cooperation and also makes sure that people cooperate with each other in the office itself.
  7. Accounts department: One of the tips for Vastu Shastra for office is that it would be best for the accounts department to be located in the south eastern part of the office, for this is the direction that stands for prosperity and when the accounts department is kept there, it will be able to attract more returns.
  8. Marketing department: The marketing department is all about connecting with the people and making sure that they are approachable and saleable, so this department should be located in the north western portion, where the harmony can be promoted easily.
  9. Do not have beams: Beams have been used in construction for a long time now, but people did start covering these beams with false ceiling a long time back. Office Vastu Shastra would state that it is very bad for people, especially working people, to be seated under a beam, so make sure that the office's ceiling does not expose any of the beams.
  10. Right type of desk: Vastu is so good that it can also promote the kind of desks one would work best on. For example, people who are involved with distribution or are the owners should have a rectangular table, while others can have creatively distributed tables depending on what they have taken up.
  11. Lunch rooms: Lunch rooms, pantry cart, etc. are to be located on the north western part of the office or the north-eastern part. This helps unity of the workers, for it provides them with one single facility that one cannot ignore.
  12. Toilets: The locations of the toilets are also determined by the scope of Vastu Shastra for office. The toilets should certainly be located in either the southwest or the north- eastern.
  13. Keep important documents together: it is better for one to have all important papers in one single place. This brings in some amount of tidiness. It would also help people to find what they want quick, thereby avoiding any form of trouble. Keep all the documents in one secure place. The papers should be kept in cupboards that face the south west as well.
  14. Employees' placement: Unfortunately, this does not mean that one of you get a job, but this just means that you will be learning about Vastu Shastra and how Vastu for work spaces is really important. However, sometimes, even people who are given a choice do not really show a stellar performance. In order to make sure that you are promoting the will, it would make sense for people to make them more talented. In order to achieve this, they have to make the employee sit facing the western region to promote some amount of intelligence.
  15. Pictures of god: In Vastu Shastra, it is considered quite well for people to display their points of view. Hence, having some pictures and gods would help in promoting the general good spirit and also the spirit of good luck and prosperity.
  16. Staircase: Staircases in the building are quite reminiscent of the times gone by. They also represent the tiring climb to the top in our lives. The staircase construction should be towards to south of the building. This is the best and most important place to make complete use of Vastu Shastra in the office.
  17. Using the right colours: In the office, Vastu Shastra would recommend that you use colours like white, grey and blue so as to put across the right meaning. Certain colours can help a person feel better and it can certainly help them cheer up as well. Hence, using these colours for office Vastu Shastra would certainly be a good idea.

There are a lot of other tips that one can follow, especially if they are going to be focussing on the development of office space. Office spaces have garnered more importance in our present life as we tend to spend more and more time at the office. Vastu Shastra, as a discipline can really give people what they want, so they have to make sure that they use the best of their time and effort into bringing Vastu Shastra in their life. If they are just constructing the house or the office, they can just integrate these small details to the plan. But if the house is already built, they have to use some of these fixes or packages to fix the things that have gone wrong.

Make sure that you follow all the right procedures and avoid all the bad influences. Vastu Shastra can help a person develop a healthy life for themselves and it will make sure that they get some positive energy from the place as well. Harmony and this inner peace is exactly what are required in life, especially in the professional one and this is exactly what Vastu Shastra provides.