Hair Loss is something that is quite common in every person’s life at some point of life. And it happens when you step past that youth filled stage of life. That is when issues like balding and alopecia happens. This can set in a huge depression in people. 

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That would subsequently affect the confidence of a person. That in turn can spoil relations, career and even kill the enthusiasm of a person.

What is Hair Fall?

It is a condition where the hair keeps dropping continually until it reaches an extent where small patches of baldness can be noticed. 

When patches of baldness come by, the condition is called as Alopecia. It is not to be considered lightly and therefore a treatment needs to be administered. 

Ten Methods to protect your hair from excessive fall and balding

These are all methods that everyone can practice at any age. It is natural, and techniques are those which can be used on a daily basis. People who have fine tuned their lifestyle, and used these methods have seen a slow and steady improvement within a short span of time. 

A model at hair and makeup stylists Bharat and Dorris`s show in Mumbai.. Image Source: IANS

Mumbai: A model at hair and makeup stylists Bharat and Dorris`s show in Mumbai..

Take a look at what needs immediate attention!

Drink water

This is necessary for the entire body. You need to ensure that the skin, your scalp and even the hair is not dry. By drinking fresh clean water, you are supplementing the body with natural oils that can help the body stay hydrated. Make it a point to drink at least 2 litres of water everyday.  

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Healthy Balanced Diet

When you think about balanced diets, this is something all elementary schools teach. But with passage of time, we choose convenience, and taste over healthy food. This is where the mistake begins. Our body needs sufficient amounts of protein, iron, minerals, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins to get a healthy body. With that set right, the hair follicles will get the right nutrients to grow thick, lush hair. Even if hair drops, it will take less time to for a new hair strand to grow from start.

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Just as much as you eat, you need to take care to burn them those unwanted calories. When you eat food, and then if no physical activity is done, this will turn into fats. If excess fats build up uncontrollably in the body, this will cause a lot of diseases. Just like the physical body gets affected, the hair follicles will also get affected. That will stunt the growth of the hair. It will cause  problems like losing the lustre of the hair, and the signs of constant split ends on every strand. If you don’t want all that, go for a jog, do skipping, and even any aerobic or yoga exercises that will help the blood move faster around the body. Once that happens, fats burn, and will not cause excess oils to sediment in and outside the scalp and skin.

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A normal baby needs about 12- 15 hours of sleep to ensure a healthy growth and development. For an adult, the person will need at least 7-8 hours of sound sleep. Sleep is one zone when the body gets all the rest it needs. For your hair too, it needs rest and stress should leave the body. Only if you sleep, your body will be stress free and that helps hair to grow in a healthy manner.


You need to brush your hair with a soft brush. The bristles should not be hard on the scalp. And prior to having a hair wash, you should brush the hair and then go for a bath, The more tangles, the more chances are there for the hair to break further. Use combs that are not sharp to touch. Also, remember to clean the brush with shampoo so that the dead cells, dandruff and dirt does not sick onto the brush always.

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Learn to massage your scalp lightly. It helps to spread the oils under the skin. This will remove any blocks, and dirt that block the pores within the hair follicles. Use olive oil, or coconut oil to gently massage the scalp. You need to do this at least 10 minutes before you have a bath, or else you can massage and then wrap your head with a thick towel. Leave it overnight and wash the hair the next morning.


Clean your hair regularly. If there is a lot of dirt, sweat, dandruff in your hair, then make sure you clean the hair. It is a good habit to use the conditioner and shampoo on a daily basis (if you are the type who travels a lot).

Hassle free style

This is one tip that you need to keep in mind. Always use some hairstyle that won’t make your hair look all withered out. Tie it up into a bun when you go to the beach, or for a ride. Never tie it too tight, such that you don’t sweat and get the hair all messy!

Consult the doc!

If you feel that you need some serious attention, then you must consult the doctor. You need to open out and tell your fears to the doctor. Let them check your skin scalp and give you the right medicines for the same. 

Take vitamins

Yes, the last point was saved for the last. You need to take vitamins. This in specific means you have to take vitamin B12 and vitamin A. For this, you need to have eggs, leafy vegetables and even carrots. The raw or steamed forms of cooking  would help you a lot. 

Alexa Chung Named The Face of L’Oréal Professionnel Hair Color Trend 2018 Image Source: IANS

Alexa Chung Named The Face of L’Oréal Professionnel Hair Color Trend 2018

What causes the problem of hair fall?

Fatty junk foods

From fast foods, to soft drinks, these are totally bad for your body. Excessive sugar and salt is bad for all bodies. And that could reduce the hair.


Say no to smoking. It does spoil your skin tone and of course you know – it does affect the lungs, So, keep away from it as much as possible.


The same advice that I shared about smoking would go to this one. It may be nice to enjoy one or two drinks, but on a daily basis- it will create havoc in your body.


Stress is something you need to deal with. It spoils your sleep, your skin tone will get dull, and the same way – it does have a negative effect on your hair. It will get dull, and the shine will slip off from the hair in a few days. So, if you are in a stress, take time to relieve yourself and your body will feel and look so much better.


Sleep – if you are one who have late nights, then watch out- because that will have a detrimental effect on the hair. So, ensure that you sleep at least 7 hours at night or maybe even consecutively for seven hours. 


We cannot say anything genetics. It is something that is natural and needs a lot of treatment. If your family has a problem of baldness and excessive hair fall, then take care of the hair from a very young age.


This is a very personal point and one of the most important points that most people ignore. Keep your body, and hair clean. If you don’t, it will spoil the texture and quality of your hair. 

To Conclude:

Hair is the jewel in one’s body. If it goes or dwindles away, it sure does affect the person to a large extent. For this, you need to take of your hair and that is what you can get from here.