Sun Transit in Capricorn Image Source: Prokerala

Sun moves from Sagittarius to Capricorn on December 21, 2022

The winter solstice is going to set in with the cold days and clear skies, and not to mention its share of rituals and commemorations, like the Saturnalia, Die Natalis Invicti Solis ("The birthday of the Unconquered Sun" started by the Roman emperor, Aurelian), Yule of the Pagans and so on.

The regal presence of Sun is going to grace Capricorn on the 21st of December, 2022 marking the beginning of the solstice. The airy movable sign is all about practicality. Thanks to its Lord, the most dreaded Saturn. Saturn rubs its characteristics onto the fiery planet and tones it down a notch. Capricorn may not be the favourite home of the Sun, but it sure enables the rationality in ego part. Let us see how this placement pans out for all signs.


You are going to go on an overdrive while others are going to cool their heels. You are going to chart out your success journey now with this transit of the Sun in Capricorn. The transit is happening in the tenth house of career, which surely indicates the fire which will fuel your game.


The transit of the Sun in Capricorn is going to grace the ninth house of fortune. You are going to have a laid back Christmas with no tensions and only pleasure. You will be well guided in all your endeavours. It is possible to embark on a journey with your family to make some memories. You will be blessed with domestic bliss and will have a gala time at home.


Communications may go awry, and you could convey a different picture of what you have in mind, to others. You should be careful about what you post on the social media. You should be careful while signing documents. A phone or tab is most likely to be purchased.


This transit of Sun in Capricorn is vital for the Cancer folks, as the second lord is transiting the seventh. You are going to have some meaningful partnerships, and will reach an agreement in matters that were on the fence for quite sometime now. Stay guarded as you will have some strong arguments with your spouse.


This transit of the Sun for the party and fun-loving Leos is going to be more sober and selfless. The transit of the Sun into the service-oriented sixth house is going to turn Leos into real altruists and humanitarians, bringing them immense respect and recognition. They would join the 'health freaks association' and turn into responsible party animals, especially since the New Year bash schedule is getting filled. They will eat, drink and party healthy. As for competitions at the workplace or otherwise, no one can match the drive of a Leo.


The transit of the Sun in Capricorn is going to be a royal entry this time, with you flirting up a game or being at your creative best. The Sun transit in the fifth house of creativity is going to keep you busy with artistic activities and productive musings, especially if you are into such fields. You could expect a visit from Cupid who will stir up some romance for you with new or existing partners.


The Transit of Sun in Capricorn is going to make you don the satin robe, ready to take the dusty china from the cupboard, flaunt your trinkets, and start planning a party at home. The fourth house of home and domestic comforts is going to come into great significance for Libra, as some good networking and fruitful gatherings with friends will make it into the cosiness of your home. You will chill with your family with Christmas cake cuttings , glass clinking and just relaxing.


The social tornado is going to sweep you off your feet with power lunches or the end of the day 'just chilling' at a pub or beer joints, which will make you a cooler colleague or boss everyone will get excited to work with. The transit of Sun in Capricorn for the Scorpios will be in the third house of communication. You will ace workplace communications. If you have clients abroad, they will be totally impressed with your working styles and interpersonal dealings.


This New Year is going to sound ho-ho with loads of goodies on the way. This transit of the Sun is in the second house, which brings you closer to your core values and you will be settled in your real self. You will do well with those in authority. If you are aiming for a mentor, you will get one now. You will pragmatically choose your priorities and go about systematically dealing with them, which will pave way for a bright year or years ahead...


Happy Birthday, darling Capricorns! The mystery is your cuppa in this cycle of the sun. The transit of the sun in Capricorn itself will bring you to a closer awareness of yourself. You will analyse yourself. You will also gift yourself something valuable and personal.


The transit of the Sun in Capricorn will bring royal solar energy to your twelfth house. No matter how much it costs, you can still plan a romantic escapade to a destination of your choice. You are a water-bearer on fire now!! You will want to stay away from the New Year and Christmas bash to stay holed up, either with your significant other or with a book of wisdom or mystery or occult. You want to close the blinds to all fireworks and be on your own! Whatever floats your boat!!!


You are going to be all generous with your time, energy, and money for your buddies. You will make yourself more sociable and you will be of service to those who need it. So who is going to be this social butterfly hosting parties?

Let the Sun transit and the New Year bring you the best that you can happily share with others!!!