Cancer is no pleasant name in any household. All of us can meet at least one person in every household who is suffering from some form of cancer or the other.

Olive Oil can even cure Cancer up to some extent !! Image Source:

Olive Oil can even cure Cancer up to some extent !!

Of course, research does its daily course of study and reveals it to the public, but how many of us follow it on a regular basis.? Not many, and probably that could be the basic reasons for this cancer fright seeping into our lives.

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Now, take a look at this research. 

Cobra venom can help surgeons see boundaries of cancer Image Source: IANS News

Cobra venom can help surgeons see boundaries of cancer

The Immune Connection with Cancer

In the recent research at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, they went about with the finding that if the immune system of the human body is strengthened, it could help the body fight against cancer in a better way.

Do you think this is possible? And even if it was true, how could you strengthen an immune system?

Let’s get into the real facts.

  • We all have immune cells known as Macrophages in our body. What does it do?
  • The macrophages in the body have the duty of protecting and serving the body, and they are essential for the survival of the body.
  • But research has found that when cancer cells gets formed within the body, it reduces the strength of such Macrophages.
  • Macrophages are immune cells that work like T and the B cells, and their main job is to identify and eat any cell that does not belong to the body. 
  • Essentially, they have the capacity to identify malfunctioning cells within the body and then clear then out of the body.
  • In most cases, the macrophages can work well, but sometimes when a cancer cell develops in the body, the cancer cells can collectively put these macrophages to sleep.
  • That is when the body gets weak and falls prey to the hands of any type of cancer.

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What does the research promise?

  • According to the research panel, they have a found a peculiar way to energize each of the macrophages and that in turn would help banish the cancer cells from the human body.
  • But on a side note, you also need to know that the macrophages can act against a human cell too. It can support the cell growth and that in turn can even strengthen the cancer cells, leading to the widespread growth of the cancer cells.
  • So, this treatment needs to be done until complete supervision.

Why do cancer cells put our macrophages to sleep?

  • When a tumour is born within the human body, it sends out a signal called the CD47.
  • The CD47 is like a signal that shouts out- ‘don’t eat me’ signal. This is the message that the cancer cells send to the macrophages.
  • This signal has the capacity to put macrophages to a sleepy and numb situation.
  • In due course, because the macrophages fall into a deep slumber, they forget their instincts and fail to recognize and even fight or eat up the cancer cells.


  • The research aims at rewiring the way the macrophages act and think once a cancer cell puts it to sleep.
  • This way the macrophages can go past that cheat signal and then begin their work.
  • This research shows that two basic signals need to be developed and they are:
  • First, of all, a strong signal is needed to activate them.  This acts as a barrier against receiving the signal into the macrophages system’.
  • The next signal, is a CD47 inhibitor- which means that it can help to bring down the threshold that is needed to begin a war against the onslaught of cancer.
  • Thus, in this process, the macrophages get activated and they can eat the cancer cells and all forms of tumours with ease.
  • For this, the new activated macrophages send a signal called the CpG and this is what helps tackle the external bodies from existing in the body.
  • Once this signal is sent, it even helps to shrink down the tumours and even eat up cancer cells. Although cancer cells send the CD47 signal, these signals go in vain, as the new activated macrophages can resist the threat of this cancer cell onslaught.

Final Note on Macrophages Over Cancer Cells

Cancer cells will not be able to shrink or die without the intervention of these macrophages.

Similarly, macrophages cannot survive if the rewiring mechanism is not established within the body.

If the mechanism of signalling is done right, then the body’s immune system will know how to identify the cancer cells and also will know that they need to do their job rightly . This would include eating cancer cells and also shrink tumours when necessary.