Research is one stream of thought that never fails to keep us on our toes. Be it about animals, or babies

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Time and time again our research geeks have surprised us and here we have a set of totally unheard , weird but super interesting researches that will leave you wondering and awed all the time!

Some time back, we gave a small exciting update about so many studies that seem yucky in one read, but trust me- they are real facts and experiments done for the betterment of the society and the world. 

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Now, this collection of researches that you are about to read below is pertaining to the human life, the mental and physical side of any normal human being. I advise that you read all of them, because inly knowledge helps people in the long run. 

You never know if these novel studies can probably of some life that you know. After all, one small good deed each day is enough to make you a blessed soul. Forget about changing the world, just be useful for the ones who love and look up to you in life.

Now, sentiments aside. Let's get into those thinking boots and walk into weirdo world of unheard, yet extremely useful scientific researches. For example, we all know what Viagra is associated with? Here , these wizards have found that it can cure few life threatening diseases!

Caught your interest? Well, that is just one of them!

Also, get ready to read some nasty stuff, but yeah, these happen in the world and that is why these researches come up with solution for all the mess, diseases and commotions people create in the world.

Open your minds, and absorb science in the way these guys want to teach us!

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Sugar, Intestines and Electric Current: Some gap somewhere, huh?

Did you know that electric current can be formed with intestinal bacteria? Amazed? That is what zapped us too! A recent study at the Lund University , showed that the bacteria that exists in the human intestine can harness electric current.

Interesting Facts About Sugar, Intestines and Electric Current

  • The study took place in Sweden, whereby the researchers found that a certain type of bacteria that can develop electric current just outside their cell.
  • This system of creating current is called as extracellular electron transport.
  • According to the findings, certain types of bacteria can make use of metal salts during their metabolism process.
  • There are sugar components inside each cell. Once they are broken down, the process starts off.
  • The electrons within the bacteria are released after the sugar is broken into smaller compounds.
  • Studies show that the lactic acid bacterium specifically has the capacity to engage in the process of electro chemistry.

Point To Note: The research has given hope that such electricity production can be used for the preparation of certain drugs. Also, they see a huge future of such processes being used in the production of bio energy.

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Dessert platter

Sweet Cravings can be switched off now!

Sweets are an inevitable craving for so many people around the world. And when this craving hits the maximum – when you are diabetic or even obese- then I can picture that pitiful condition. It’s sad. But here is some good news for you. Research will give a solution to put an end to that craving bug!

Interesting Facts About Switching Off the Sweet Cravings

  • Brain has a natural liking for sweetness and a sort of aversion to sour and bitter tastes. 
  • The study went on to show that a person can suppress their need for a particular taste, but that does not mean they will stop identifying it. Nothing affects the memory power or brain with this experiment.
  • During the study, another interesting fact that was noticed was that people usually have a lot of emotions attached to certain foods.
  • For example, eating chocolate enlightens and evokes good feelings in the minds of the person. Whereas, you give a raw vegetable salad, they may eat but with a feeling of disappointment.
  • The brain contains an area called the amygdala, and this is what helps the person make decisions and judgements about a certain topic.
  • So, it is connected right upto the taste cortex of the person.
  • If this area called the amygdala is manipulated, the brain can trick the tongue from identifying and enjoying sweets.
  • The sweets will seem to have a bad taste and thereby people may not continue craving for it.

Point To Note: The good part, people may grab their favourite candy or chocolate bar, but it won't taste the same. So, then the person will slowly keep away from such sweet cravings as time passes by. No force, and so no cravings at all!

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Hiccups: A Menace That Needs Thought!

Hiccups are something we all have heard about,. It swings into our daily metabolic system, embarrasses us at the oddest and most unpredictable times of the day, and leaves us - feeling like dumb heads. So, what is this mysterious hiccup?

Interesting Facts About Hiccups

  • Some hiccups called the intractable hiccups are unheard of, but could be dangerous and troublesome for the ones who suffer from it.
  • Intractable hiccups could last for over a month or so. They occur for over 60 times a minute and these are acute indeed!
  • Did you know more than 4000 people in the USA are bring admitted in hospitals every year? And studies show that these happen to be mostly men.
  • Such hiccups are actually signalling the advent of many problems like arthritis, pulmonary embolism (the presence of blood clots in the lungs), irritations and inflammations in the gastrointestinal and respiratory tracts.
  • Some remedies for these hiccups are hypnosis, acupuncture and even breathing exercises.

Point To Note: Since these hiccups are those that may be warning you of a health problem, it is wise that you get yourself checked if you experience continual hiccups.

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What's for dinner? Placentas?

Having a baby is the best experience and sometimes the worst for any lady. Now that is fine, but what makes it worse is that these young mommies eat placentas for beter health. I would say yuck! But the researchers don't think so!

Interesting Facts About Placenta Consumption

  • At the University of Nevada , Las Vegas, a study was conduced on the weird eating habits of new moms.
  • They ate placentas to regain their strength, blood formation and the energy levels after a child birth.
  • One year, this trend was shunned saying that there are ill effects for every woman and their baby when the mother eats this waste.
  • Now, the researchers have a different story to say – and they feel that placenta consumption is not bad for the baby and mother at all.
  • They noticed in this study that babies did not have any physical issues after their mothers consumed the placenta right after birth.;
  • This could raw or cooked ground placenta in the form of capsules.
  • But, the researchers have not yet checked if i did have any negative effects on mood disorders. Though such cases, have not reported much - the scientists do need to study and draw out all the possibilities.

Point To Note: One fact that they pointed out was that, if the placenta is infected or rotten by any kind, then that would have disastrous effects on the child. So, have he placenta checked for any infections and then only consume it.

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Crickets for lunch? Sounds crispy and cranky!

During the good ol days, it was mentioned that John the Baptist fed on crickets. He survived on these morsels of food and maybe it ws this incident that triggered some funky experiment to take shape at the University of Wisconsin Madison .

Interesting Facts About Eating Crickets

  • Crickets are said to be excellent sources of nutrition for every human being.
  • By consuming crickets, it helps to build the gut bacteria in the body
  • This in turn avoids inflammations in the body.
  • It does look gross, but they taste really nice.
  • These insects are a source of protein that is gaining a lot of fame in the western counties.
  • This is because they can be easily cultivated, and are available in plenty.
  • This will bring an end to the problem of starvation, and malnutrition.
  • By consuming crickets, it has been able to create a positive effect on the human gut.
  • Since they help improve gut health, the researchers did notice that it was able to bring a control over other problems like cancer and depression.
  • On breaking up the compounds of a cricket, they have found that it has similar properties to fibrous fruits and vegetables.
  • This is one reason why it will help in the digestion process. Fibrous food will flush out the toxins and keep the gut clean and healthy.

Point To Note: Eat as much you want. These insects may look disgusting, but they are powerhouses of goodness. A big thumbs up for courageous lot who love to try bizarre foods around the world. Oh, and you cannot forget, that this will bring a huge solace to the hunger problems in every country of the world.

Did I make you puke? Or leave a door open for thought? If you are thinking, then congrats, as this is your first step to good health. These above mentioned researches may seem gross, but in fact they are so much better than chomping down those pills and tablets on a daily basis.