The smoking risk calculator is a tool that can help a smoker realise how much of his / her life has been eaten away due to smoking. It is a free online calculator that clearly shows how many years of your life has been lost due to smoking and how many years of life you are spared with.

Calculate Life Span of Cigarette Smokers

Fill in the form below and find out the risk to life due to smoking.

Cigarette Smoking Risk Calculator

How the smoking risk calculator works?

This online free smoking risk calculator helps you to understand how much of your life span is taken up by smoking. It also tells you how much of your life span is left with you if you continue to smoke in the same manner.

The calculator takes into input your age, the date from when you have started smoking, and in case if have quit smoking too. Based on this user input information, the smoking risk calculator calculates the risk involved in smoking by providing the following output, i.e., the total life you have lost due to smoking, and how much of it remains.

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