What is smoking cost calculator?

As the name itself implies, the cigarette smoking cost calculator simply assesses the cost of a person's smoking expenses over extended periods of time and displays them systematically.

One can truly say that a cigarette is the only product that does exactly what it says on the cover - "Tobacco causes Cancer" and "Smoking is Injurious to Health" ! It would be particularly unwise to think that people who don't even care for something so clearly mentioned (provided they can read, that is !) would give up smoking on seeing their total calculated expenditure for it. Nevertheless, if our calculator could help extended just one person's life by eight minutes, we would consider it a great achievement.

Calculate Money Spend on Smoking

All you have to do is enter the parameters required below and we will tell you the exact amount of money you spend on cigarettes.

Cigarette Smoking Cost Calculator
Check if you dont remember the date.

How does the smoking cost calculator work?

The working principle behind this calculator is simple mathematics. It collects the information mentioned above, calculates your expenditure for a day and multiplies it to find your total expenditure till date or till the date you quit smoking.

At the end, based on your smoking habits, you are classified into the light, average or heavy smoker category.

Smoking cost calculator is a tool that helps you calculate the amount of money you spend on smoking. How to stop smoking is a curious question asked everywhere, so here is a cigarette smoking calculator that helps you understand how much you spend on smoking, so that you can decide either to quit smoking, or to continue it and quit your life.

The smoking cost calculator can act as an aid to stop smoking by providing you an insight on the cost that you incur on a daily basis and categorize you based on your smoking inputs into heavy smoker, average smoker and light smoker category.

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