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Monthly Scorpio Horoscope

Scorpio horoscope December, 2022

We have reached the last phase of this year, and December shows you the importance of your financial axis. Mars, your ruler, has been in retrogression mode since October and will continue for the next forty-plus days, so the time is not so great. Good things belong to those who wait, so please have patience, and scrape the barrel. The month of December will start with Venus opposing Mars, and this opposition indicates chaotic situations about love and marital life. On the same day, Mercury will square Neptune in Pisces, so the first week may not be an easy transit, you think, so you should not burn the bridges.

On the 7th, the full moon will conjunct Mars in Gemini will be like ending your partnerships and some financial deals. How about ending all the headaches at once, this is a turning point as you will feel like making more money, but due to the retrogression, you are clueless. In that case, please do not boil the ocean. Cut off the expenses, and wait until Mars moves direct in January. Repayment of a loan, setting up tax, or other loans will be pushed by the conjunction of the moon.

With the transit of Sun to Capricorn, you will become busier, moving here and there. The Sun will square Jupiter in Aries, expanding your work, and you may have to prioritize your work on the twenty-first. The Sun will conjunct Venus and Mercury for the rest of the days, and you will be gathering information, and you should not be up in arms due to your busy schedule. Meetings with siblings and communication with small communities, working on projects from teaching and counseling. In the tropical zodiac, Jupiter will mark its entry to the fire sign of Aries on the twentieth, and for the next year, you will be taking a big leap amidst the struggles.

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