Read Scorpio weekly horoscope by Astrologer Jayashree for the week starting December 25.

Weekly Scorpio Horoscope

This Capricorn season will bring a swell time with your kiths and kins, especially with your siblings, but Mercury, the planet for communication, will start its retrogression on the twenty-ninth. You were warming up for your Capricorn season, but this bad attitude of Mercury can suddenly clash with your plans. Still, until the twenty-ninth, you will be enveloped with the dynamic moves in the family and around you. There will be a huge transition after retrogression, but until then, there will be a lot of short travels, chit-chatting, writing, publishing and communication with your dear ones. Especially media related employees will have to work round the clock, which can be physically a bit deteriorating for you as well. Once Mercury starts slowing down, you should have a plan B for every activity, as Mercury retrogression can block your prefixed plans.

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You cannot sit idle when the Sun moves through the third house with Mercury and Venus. The world around you and inside you will come with a lot of activity; you will multitask. You will have a lot of work. Hence this is a hectic phase in your life. Apart from that, business owners will go through struggles, so they should not take unnecessary risks. The ear-to-shoulder area can be weak, so you must also take care of that.

Your ruler Mars is also in retrogression, so naturally, you feel a bit confused and concerned about your finances. You should not stand rock solid, but be ready for adjustments as the time is a bit fussy, especially about finances. Be flexible with your partners and try to understand and accept their decisions. This is the time to follow practical suggestions, as life can change anytime. You are going through a transformation, and it is very impulsive.

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