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Monthly Sagittarius Horoscope

Sagittarius horoscope December, 2022

December belongs to Sagittarius as the heavens are opening their vaults to bless you as this is your solar return time. This is a very special month, and the full moon will rise in your seventh natal house of Gemini. Your ruler Jupiter will be moving into Aries on December twentieth. This move in the tropical sky will bless you to enjoy the good results of your past deeds. You will have a fun time, your creative energies will surge, and people will notice that. This supportive transit will bring good news to childless couples, and parents will find more happiness with their children.

However, the month will start with a planetary turbulence of Venus opposing Mars, which will directly reflect your relationship sector. This celestial push will bring some chaos in your personal life, so do not try to judge the book by its cover. The moon will trine Uranus in Taurus, so you have blocks to clear, as there is something that comes up in a daily mode. Please release your stress and be flexible, and you will not feel left out in the cold. The stellium in Sagittarius will remain until the tenth. Venus will slip down to the earth sign of Capricorn, which will eventually make you focused on yourself and your relationship. This is a month to negotiate, mediate and bargain too. You don't want to hurt yourself. Instead, you want to be charming and attractive.

The conjunction of Mars and full Moon has the same thing to say, that you will be focusing on relationship. Still, this conjunction is a bit turbulent, so by the seventh, you will complete some formalities in ending a project or solving an issue in the relationship. The full moon will mark the endings, and you must be prepared for that. Being a Sagittarius Lagna, you are prone to unrealistic optimism and happiness, but you must keep them in check. By the twentieth, the Sun will move on to Capricorn which will boost your finances, but remember this transit can also bring expenses.

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