A week or so more to go and there is a lot to do, huh? If you are worried about that, I will tell you to chill. Take a cool drink and learn the art of prioritizing and cleaning in the most effective manner.

Got Time? Know About Christmas

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What needs attention first?

You know your home the best. If you have a party coming up – then surely the house needs a touch of sparkle! So, how do you start it? From where do you start? What needs most attention? All these problems are the usual glitches in housekeeping!

So, we can sort that out for you. Take a deep breath and let’s kick start this cleaning spree! Look around and check out the areas where the party will be held. If kids are also invited, then every corner needs some touch of dusting.

Make a list of all the rooms that need immediate attention. It could start from the living room, right up to your toilets. Which needs the longest cleaning time? Sketch out your needs and then you will have a better idea of what is to be done.

Finally, jot down the number of hours you need per room or per task. For example, curtains need  a bit more time to be cleaned compared to your ordinary laundry.

Prioritize the things in a manner – from the most time needed for a task to the shortest time needed. So, that way the complex jobs will get done some time ahead of Christmas and you are a peace!

Time planners: Hey, when you plan- keep in mind the time you need to put away for Christmas shoppin! Then you are carving out a realistic work plan. Sounds good?

List out your supplies

Now once the main plan has been done, get the most difficult chore has been put to sleep. So, let’s get to the next step. 

If this is cleaning time, then that means you need your cleaning liquids, mops, scrubs and what not! 

Oh, and yes, those sink cleaners toilet brushes, wipes, tub cleaners, soap sprays. If you don’t have enough, get them stocked up!

For this, I suggest to have an eagle’s eye for those lovely discount offers. You can buy large packs at much cheaper prices. 

Supply Pickles: Plus, if you need that Christmas scent in your house, make sure you get those scented candles. They will create that lovely ambience and feel of Christmas.

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Kids in action!

Housework can tire your bones to death! From mopping, to washing, to drying the floors and walls. You don’t want to get exhausted by the time the guests flood in, do you? 

This idea may seem crazy to many, but it does work. Get your little hands to work! If you have small kids, ask them to help you. After all, they play and create a mess. 

Instead, give them a play, but this time- it is to help you out! Tell them to go to their rooms and pick out all things that are lying on the ground and also scattered. 

Then ask them to discard all what they don’t need and stack back what they need in cupboards.

Give them boxes so that they can collect the things that have to be discarded. 

Kiddo Ideas: Entrust them to clean and see how happily they work for you. It gives them a sense of accomplishment.

Declutter mode

So, since the kids have started the de-clutter process, you might as well join in. Every year, we stock so many things that we actually will never use. This occupies space and so, that will make the place more dirtier. 

From recycled bags, to shoe boxes, to old bags and shoes, and packing materials- you may have a lot in there. So, take out that trash and discard them as much as possible.

That way your home is more airy, less dust and less garbage in the house!

Clutter TimeOut: Hey, it is the end of the season, so it is time you kick out all that junk out of the house. You have all the space to collect new junk in the coming new year.

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Carpet Time!

Just as much as declutter the house, you also should ensure that you vacuum the carpets. They are like sponges of dust and if they are not clean- guests with dust allergies will have a problem.

If you have pets, the matters get all the more worse. So, clean the carpets and free them from the animal furs, insects and any sort of rubbish. 

You can use a carpet shampoo and clean.

Now this does not have to be entirely done by you. Tell your teenage children or siblings to help you out.

After all, it is the festive season of giving and sharing- and let everyone join the game of cleaning and togetherness.

Carpet Lather: Just once in six months if you clean your carpet, then even you can avoid his chore during Christmas time. Why don’t you try?

Trim and Clean

Oh yeah, this will swallow a bit of your time, but trimming and cleaning does give a fine edge to your work. 

This goes to the Christmas tree. From boxing gifts, to decorating trees, to arranging cups, saucers and rooms – this all holds a part of preparing the house for the grand festive season.

Swipe Magic: Let everything shine and dazzle. Once the rooms have been freed of too much stuff, then your rooms will automatically look clean.

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Polish that cutlery

Cutlery is obviously something you cannot keep away with.  You need to prepare a four- or five course dinner and this surely needs spoons, knives and bowls. 

Ensure that they are polished and wiped clean. Set them in groups according to the number of functions and guest you plan to have. 

If you do not have many, it might be a good idea- to rent out cutlery or even borrow friends.

Cutlery Charisma: Shine and shine again. It is the time of the year when you get to show your beautiful masterpieces to the world. So, pamper and let them look their best! 

Keep it that way

 Once you have done all that tough and messy cleaning, take a small break. You deserve a pat on the back. 

Ensure that the house remains clean and tidy until the festive season is over.

For this, of course- the advice needs to passed onto the tiny tots  in the family. After all it is holiday time and they bound to take the house on a roller coaster ride.

But, give them encouragements that they need to good if Santa has to give them good gifts.  

But you can’t always blame them. There are adults who never even bother to pick a cup and clean if for themselves. From untouched litters, to unwashed pans- all can be a hassle. If you do not ask your family to help in the household chores- cleaning can be a headache.

Clean Beats: Ensure that you just clean about 2 weeks Christmas, so that everyone still keeps the place clean until the month of December is over.

Treat your lil buddies!

Like I said, the tiny tots in the family are the ones who mess up. But they are not all.

Still, we can bribe them with special Christmas cookies once in a while. That will help them get some enthusiasm to clean up the mess they create.

You can reward them for small things like finishing their meals and placing the plate in the sink. Then no bullying and fighting will also have to fall in the to do cards.

Treat Time: I know, these treats are not a good medium, but guess what- it is time to be jolly, and a treats can go a long way- if it can give a bunch of loving and helpful kids in the house.

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Cleaning Vibes to All

That said, you may have got the fine clues of quick cleaning.

The idea is to plan and then clean. Also, don’t make cleaning a one man show. Involve the whole family and that is what makes the chore a fun and fast moving experience.

Happy Cleaning This Christmas!