A traditional Chinese festival that is known by many names like Qingming, Ching Ming festival, Tomb-Sweeping Day, Chinese Memorial Day or even the Ancestors' Day, The day in short is dedicated to respect and remember the ancestors of every family.

Qingming Festival 2023 is on April 05 Wednesday

3 months and 8 days to go for the event

Tomb Sweeping Day or Ancestors Day Image Source: Xinhua/lfj/IANS

This is a festival that originated from the Cold Food Festival , which means that on that day no one should light the fire and cook or do anything that needs light. The story behind this festival is sentimental and that is what makes this Tomb Sweeping Day so religiously popular.

When is the Ancestors Day or the Tomb Sweeping Day celebrated?

Once winter starts, the festival is held approximately 107 days later. It is considered a national holiday in many places like Taiwan, Macau, HongKong and China. Nowadays, the Cold Food Festival is not celebrated in many places and instead this festival gained prominence.  

So, on this, no fire is allowed to be lit. The festival is also named as Pure Brightness festival as  the skies are usually clear and bright because of the April weather. 

How is the Ancestors Day or the Tomb Sweeping Day celebrated?

Families get together and spend time at the grave sites of their ancestors. The family makes it a point to clear out the dust and weeds of the grave. Then the whole place is swept clean and this is how they pay respects to the dead.

Joss sticks are then placed at the grave, along with paper money and food. The paper money is burnt alongside. Flowers are also placed by some families to show their respect.  


Qingming Festival festival dates between 2019 & 2029

2019Friday, 5th of April
2020Saturday, 4th of April
2021Sunday, 4th of April
2022Tuesday, 5th of April
2023Wednesday, 5th of April
2024Thursday, 4th of April
2025Friday, 4th of April
2026Sunday, 5th of April
2027Monday, 5th of April
2028Tuesday, 4th of April
2029Wednesday, 4th of April

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