What is your daily protein requirement? What should be your daily protein intake if you are following a fitness goal like strength improvement or bodybuilding? This online protein calculator will help you calculate how much protein you need based on your height, weight, exercise mode and fitness goal. Bodybuilding protein requirement is different from the protein requirement for stamina building or general fitness. Use this calculator to calculate your protein need. This is a protein calculator for men and women.

Calculate Your Protein Requirement

Protein in Diet • High Protein Food Suggestions

This protein calculator not only helps you calculate your protein requirement, it also helps you with high protein food suggestion and protein diet so that you can plan your protein intake without difficulty. Protein is an important part of a balanced diet and it is even more important when you are into bodybuilding or when you are involved in activities like sports/athletics, work requiring high physical stamina etc... Protein supplements are therefore taken by bodybuilding professionals and sports persons. A calculator to find protein is therefore a useful tool.

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