JERUSALEM, Dec. 21, 2017 - A man dressed as Santa Claus rides a camel in Jerusalem's Old City, on Dec. 21, 2017. Image Source: Xinhua/Muammar Awad/IANS

Photos showing Santa's Journey around the World !!

It's Christmas and by now you have all probably gotten your presents. For those who haven't gotten their presents yet. Be patient, they're on the way !! After all, this is a really hectic time for all the Santa Clauses from around the world. 

Ever thought what would it be to live the life of Santa Claus, traveling to different places and delivering countless presents to kids from all over the world. Well, it's not something any of us could ever do. And that's why Santa is the right man for the job. No matter how bad the weather is or how tiring all that non-stop traveling can get, Santa will make sure that every single present he's got in his gift bag will be delivered to each and every child out there.

Take a look at one of Santa's photo-filled journeys showing the art of delivering presents.