File photo provided by Historic Scotland shows the Forth Bridge in Scotland, northern Britain. The world-famous bridge was officially inscribed as a United Nations ... Image Source: Xinhua/azp/IANS


Remember how as kids, you would place planks on these little platforms where you and your friends would try to get across. And when the little planks started getting a little wobbly, you and your friends would either make a ash for the other side while the others take the decision of not crossing the bridge at all, those were the good days.

However, these bridges you're about to see, stand as tall as towers reaching for the skies, cover seas and unite nations from different parts of the world and were probably took up decades of work for their constructions. The work of not a few but thousands of men and women are the reason why you can now get from place to another right at the comfort of your car seat and the wheel

Check out these photos showing some of the biggest and longest bridges from all around the world.