As the festive season begins to cheer our moods, families and relations, we have taken a step further to understand how extra special is the month of December for all those souls who are born during this month.

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For those who think that your personality and character is a mere sum of your genetics, your living situation, or the way you were taught to be; is just a fraction of what builds the real you. The person you are is a game that involves the stars, your birth time and of course the touch of God.

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December people are generally loved by all. The people born between December 1st and 21st are controlled by the star sign name Sagittarius. From the 22nd of December to 31st December, the Capricorn sign controls the life and thoughts of a December baby.

Below we have compiled a set of qualities that can make any Sagittarius and Capricorn happy. Also, we have lent an idea of the unwary and dark side of these December stars.

Positive Traits that say you are a Sagittarius (1st of December to 21st December)

  • Wow, the best and foremost quality is that you are damn positive of every situation that comes you!
  • You go nothing short of being truthful and cannot stand cheats!
  • You love the idea of connecting with God and encourage the holistic style of living.
  • Intelligent, adventurous and love to go do what you dream of!

Positive Traits that say you are a Capricorn (22nd of December to 31st December)

  • You will be the best buddy for the people you adore
  • Very protective, and still lets your partner do what they like
  • Loyal to the core and that could intimidate partners and the colleagues to a certain extent!
  • Just went through a problem? No worries, because Capricorns can recover quite fast!

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Do you want to know which celebrities are born in the month of December?

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Walt Disney: 5th December

Who doesn’t remember the dear old Walt Disney cartoons? He was a cartoonist who was known to persistently work and approach a number of people before his drawings and cartoon ideas got selected.

That is a small hint that the people born in December can be really determined and work until they achieve their goals.

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Dia Mirza: 9th December

The Indian actress, model and she was the Miss Asia Pacific 2000. She worked her way through a few bollywood films, then married her sweetheart Sahil Sangha to live a happy life. Apart, from this, she engages and takes part in a lot of social work.

What do you understand from this? That she is practical, and lives life by grabbing the right opportunities and last of all- she is kind hearted.

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Yuvraj Singh : 12th December.

For the lads and girls who love their cricket, you would know about the Indian International cricketer named Yuvraj Singh. He is one chirpy guy who survived through a couple of serious problems and still is close to all our hearts.

He is nothing short of a December baby who is active, very sporty and most importantly a cheerful, easy going guy.

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Rajnikant : 12th December.

The old man is about 67 years old and still s star of the South Indian Film Industry. His contribution to Tamil cinema is phenomenal and he was one who started his life and career from very humble beginnings.

Rajnikanth is one who is truthful and never hid his background from his fans. You will find that he is soft spoken and stands for justice- just like real Sagittarius

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Steven Spielberg : 18th December

The American producer sum director who made his way through Hollywood and is the backbone of many beautiful films that still linger in our minds.

This only goes to prove the fact that he is not only intelligent but lucky to be successful in whatever he has set his hands upon. Intelligence of a Sagittarius is often exhibited in the manner in which they execute the work. it’s unique and worth taking a look at!

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Preeti Shenoy : 21st December

For the bookworms out there, Preeti Shenoy is a delight to the eyes. She is one of the highest selling writer who hails from India. Her stories revolves around daily incidents in life, love, relationships and this makes it very easy for people to connect with her thoughts.

She exhibits qualities like confidence and love to venture into a new creative segment which normal writers of the olden days would not have ventured into.

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Anil Kapoor: 24th December

An Indian Bollywood actor who has been part of many films in Bollywood and also in Hollywood. A very versatile actors who has played many interesting roles.

A Capricorn by birth and one who has proved loving, authoritative and highly witty to his fans, and his family.

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Salman Khan : 27th December

The actor is one of the finest romantic actors of Bollywood . Apart from he is a loving and doting brother and son. He engages himself into philanthropy apart from travelling to various places. He has won many awards for the countless films he has worked upon.

He is kind at heart and willing to help in whatsoever way he can. The Khan has been noted for all his stunning looks and also his great affinity for religion.

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Dhirubhai Ambani: 28th December

The man who taught India to dream high and achieve anything they wanted in life, but in a just and ethical manner. He is the founder of Reliance Industries and he changed the way a business should be run.

He is succeeded by his two sons :

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Mukesh Ambani

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and Anil Ambani.

Dhirubhai Ambani was a man of character who was fearless to aim high. One who was ready to work hard, and planned for a good future for himself and for the people who depended on him.

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Rudyard Kipling: 30th December

A short story writer who weaves beautiful stories through his imaginations. His works have all pertained to children and therefore still stands to be a favourite of young people. Some of his favourite books are The Jungle Book, The Man who would be king and a collection of many short stories.

He loved simple lifestyles and tried to bring out the beauty of nature and life by penning down his thoughts as he lived through the years. A Capricorn by birth and showed that you can achieve anything in the world if you are sincere to Earth and ready to share your talents with the rest of the world.

Negative Traits that say you are a Sagittarius (1st of December to 21st December)

Ouch! They can be outright rude with expressing their thoughts and that might hurt the listener!

Though intelligent, they can get awfully moody at times.

Negative Traits that say you are a Capricorn (22nd of December to 31st December)

Stubbornness is the weapon you hold in a fight!

A bit too optimistic and so when reality hits on an unfavourable note, that could out your down.

So, you must have got an idea of what the zodiac stars can do for you. It is amazing the way nature can mold the character and future of a person.

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Life is short, and think many times before you take a step forward, because certain steps in life cannot never, ever be reversed. That is how unique the game of life is!