Not sure, how our moms are connected with our dating lives and love lives, and marriages. But this time, research has brought forward some really interesting insights. Now, perhaps you may understand who influences your courting skills, huh?

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We all need a partner, and hope it lasts for a lifetime. For some this relationship does last, whereas for few others- relationship and marriage takes a very rough and rocky road.

As per a recent research that was done recently at the Ohio State Universityy , it was found out that people who find time in relationships, unknowingly take cues from their mothers.

It may a game of the genes, but yes, the research states: The number of partners we have in life, will depend on how our mothers had relationships. This could include marriage, cohabiting, and even casual relationships.

Sounds interesting?

I know it may be hard to digest for many of us, but yeah, research may have its own share of points to prove.

What Mommy’s Connection with Relationships?

Women, or specifically, mothers have a specific set of characteristics that make them more favourable or wanted in the courtship or marriage market.

It could be physical and mental features that act as the deciding factors for any relationships.

There would have been a couple of relationships before marriage, and some would have survived more than the others- due to any reason whatsoever.

Depending on all these characteristics- the mothers would have had stable or maybe in-stable relationships.

The research points out that the children tend to grasp and follow the thinking and behaviour of their mothers – when it comes to setting a relationship.

If a person is particularly good at giving impressive talks, and treating their partner well during a date- you need to give substantial credit to their mother!

Children inherit the skills and infuse those characteristics into their lifestyle also. It may happen without their notice, but the studies show the resemblance.

Divorces too have an effect!

Just like you can credit your mom for your relationship skills, similarly, if a divorce happens in your life, that too will find its links with your mother’s characteristics, 

The reason for this is not purely- because of the genes factor. But this could be because the children had witnessed the bad side of marriage rifts, and the entire problem of divorce.

In short, the more partners you have- that could mean that your mother did have the same experience when she was younger.

For example, there are many mothers who have been single and tend to go into cohabiting relationships. Over the years, this method seems to work out for many couples.

The reason for this could be the presence of love and affection between the partners and also there is a low level of commitment between both the parties.

The Romantic Line of Thought

To tell you the truth, this research is still in its underway process; but, yeah, but these are observations that the researchers had made from a large of children and their mothers. 

I think their reasoning is justified to a certain limit coz:

This scenario is something that we view in the modern society where woman have been given a voice, position and status of their own.

Women are the ones who natural take an upper hand in looking after children.

Therefore, kids are bound to learn lessons of living from the one who interacts with them the most.

The lessons that mothers teach are of unintentional, but if they bring happiness and stability to the family, there are more chances that children will adopt these techniques and concepts in life.