Mars Transit in Taurus Image Source: Prokerala

Mars retrograde in Taurus November 2022

Mars, the planet of action, was in a to and fro during the whole year- 2022. Every two years and two months, Mars goes into retrogression and overstays in a sign. This time it is Taurus. The to and fro started this August and will end in March 2023, when it will finally move to Gemini to go ahead with its onward transit, thus staying in the house of Taurus for almost 210 days.

Retrograde Mars Transit in Taurus is taking place on November 13th, 2022. It will remain in this sign till January 13th, 2023. This is an exceptional Mars transit, especially this one in November, the retrograde Mars is aspected by Venus directly from Scorpio during the Venus Transit in Scorpio, which is from November 11th to December 5th.

Generally, the retrograde Mars Transit in Taurus could indicate natural disasters or crimes involving women both as victims and perpetrators;or crimes involving passion. Mars, the red planet in astronomy, signifies our drive- energy for the punch that will put things into motion and determination. Brihatjataka sketches Mars as one with ‘fierce eyes, youthful looks, extremely fickle and with a slender waist.’ The strength of the Kaalapurusha is ascribed to him. He is the commander in chief among the planets, thus a Kshatriya planet.

Let us see what it means to each rasi as the ascendant or the moon sign, according to traditional astrology.


Mars being the lagna lord and eighth lord, now transiting in a retrograde motion in the second house during the Retrograde Mars Transit in Taurus, brings harsh and critical speech. A lack of diplomacy will be seen in your overall communications, which could lead to friction, especially within the family. As the second house indicates finance, being the eighth lord, Mars could bring about losses. So be wary!


Mars being the lord of twelfth and seventh for Taurus, during this Retrograde Mars transit in Taurus, you could have expenses related to yourself or your health. Hence pay heed to your health. The seventh house aspect could bring a lot of possessiveness and friction with the spouse. The fourth house aspect of Mars could bring issues with home and mother. Due care while traveling is also prescribed during this phase.

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Mars, the natural eleventh and sixth house lord, is a twelfth-house retrograde Mars transit in Taurus for Gemini. Losses in terms of health are indicated. There is a probability for the inflow of money to be hindered, or monetary losses could ensure. Hence be guarded against that. A tiff with your younger siblings is also on the cards. Taking good care of your marital relationship or partnerships will also prove to be helpful. Litigations also may prove to be unsuccessful.


Retrograde Mars transit in Taurus is in the eleventh house from Cancer. Mars being the fifth and the tenth lord becomes yoga karaka. Your self-esteem will be stoked by recognition for your labor and a possible raise in your salary, not to mention making some hidden enemies on the go. You will have the drive to work harder. Students will fare well in their studies, but as there is a tendency could go reckless sometimes, you have to be careful.


Mars is the lord of the fourth and ninth houses for Leo, and hence yoga karaka, and it is placed in the tenth house, hence workplace responsibilities will mount up. A promotion is also up. But there will be troubles juggling home and work. You may feel exhausted due to work pressures. Students will have to do hard work. And there is a need for attention towards mother, father and home.


Mars, the natural third and eighth house lord, is seated in the ninth house with the retrograde Mars transit in Taurus. Your siblings could bring you luck. Your losses could turn out to be lucky for you, ultimately. You could have a difference of opinion with your father. You could go abroad if you are trying for it. You could also benefit from foreign countries.


The second and seventh lord, Mars, placed in the eighth during the retrograde transit of Mars in Taurus, brings about losses in income and losses through siblings or vehicles. Those who are waiting to dispose off their assets could get lucky now. There could be losses on the home front. It would help if you had control over your speech. As losses in partnerships are also likely, pay extra attention to partners.


Scorpio is where Venus is seated for the time being; and Retrograde Mars in transit brings parivarthana yoga exchanging qualities. An aggressively steamy romantic time for sure. The lagna and sixth lord seated in the seventh might bring about situations wherein you have to take care of your spouse due to their health conditions. You have to avoid fights with your partners. You could be self-absorbed during this time, and that could affect your work image. You should also pay attention to your eating habits.


For Sagittarius, the retrograde Mars transit in Taurus is in the sixth house though Mars is the natural lord of the fifth and twelfth. The sixth being the house of enemies, competition and health, this placement requires you to be careful about the fake people who could turn ‘Brutus’ behind your back, waiting for the right opportunity to strike on you. But the ultimate victory will be yours. You could experience break ups, especially with Venus posited at the twelfth house from this November 11th. Those Sagittarians who are preparing for the competitive exams will find it a hard time to study. Health also requires some major attention now.


Mars ruling the fourth and eleventh houses for Capricorn, this Retrograde Mars Transit in Taurus would be in the fifth house. Incomes increasing, with domestic happiness and widening networks. For some, friends are going to turn lovers unpredictably!!! So a proposal is on the cards! Spending time with children at home should be a priority as they would bring you joy. Students will have a favorable time for putting energies into hard work now with this transit of Mars.


Mars rules the natural third and tenth house for Aquarius, and this Retrograde Mars transit in Taurus will be in its fourth house. There will be a need to give extra care to your mother or the domestic front. It would help if you were wary of any volatile communications with your spouse. Though the income flow will be generous, the workload could be heavy, and work from home also will be tiring for you.


The natural lord of your second and ninth houses is seated at the third house with this Retrograde transit of Mars. There would be a liking for cooking during this period. Your speech could make enemies, and be wary of what you post on social media! You could go on a short trip to a temple or place of worship. You will put in a lot of hard work at work and feel exhausted. Luck through younger siblings is a probability.

Let this Mars Taurus Stay-cation bring you good results. Any bad indication in the charts can be rectified with spiritual practices like mantras, prayers and good conscience. For Mars to bring good results, remedies like praying to Durga Mata or Hanuman ji and fasting on Tuesdays are recommended.