This question often crops up in the mind of the consulter when they ask about timing of their marriage, quality of marriage, nature of spouse.

If the answer to the above is yes, then why bother with kundli Milan (matching of horoscopes). If the divine power that defines our destiny decides our partner before our birth then do we have the power to make a choice? The answer lies in the karmic pattern of the person. We take birth on kaarmbhoomi and have the power to minimize and maximize the impact of fixed destiny through good and bad karmas. The efforts put in to find the right life partner relates to our karmas and freewill.

A horoscope matching of today too requires innovative methods. Matching of horoscope by merely jotting up points out of 36 is woefully inadequate. If this was adequate that why some marriages break even with good points and some survive with less points.

In modern context, the kundli Milan should be based on bhava Milan along with the asta koot Milan. The six bhavas that directly relate to marriage are1,2,4,7,8 and 12. Venus is the karaka graha for marriage. The signification of these houses have to be understood in modern context.

Astrologically, marriage houses decide happiness and unhappiness. Marriage being sensitive as well as a social subject , is of most importance to the bride and groom as well as the families. Whenever the chart is read it should be in accordance to desh, kaal and patra. In modern context as the concept of marriage has evolved, in the same manner there is a need to adapt newer and finer techniques of prediction with modern concepts but at the same time traditional techniques should not be ignored. Happy marriages create happy individuals as they in turn make a happy and stable society. An astrologer needs to understand the mental as well as intellectual needs of both man and woman tied in a marriage. A well educated astrologer can make good astrological predictions only when he takes into consideration all the finer aspects of present social scenario.

Mantras for marriage


Om Gam haridra Ganapataye vara varadaa aam hreem krom sarva janam may vashamaanaya swaha.


Om hreem yogini yogini yogeshwari yoga bhayankari sakala sthaavara janganmasya mukha hridayam me vashamaakrshayakarshaya swaha.

These mantras are having very high percentage to give marriage when recited with utmost devotion and sincerity. These mantras should not be mis-used. Minimum 3,000 japaas to 21,000 japaas recitation has given the marriage in 80% cases if the yoga of marriage is present.

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