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Ride on the longest roller coasters in the world

Ever ridden on a roller coaster? Have you had your adrenaline pump up so high within you that you fell into a trance-like state and you screamed in exhilaration, to your full capacity? Roller coaster rides are extremely thrilling and invigorating.

As dramatic as it is, roller coasters carry you into pure euphoria! And how does it sound to be able to get on one of the longest roller coasters there is in the world? Here, we have prepared just the right list for you.

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1) Steel Dragon 2000

The longest roller coaster there is in the world! Steel Dragon 2000 is about 97 m high and it takes about 4 minutes to complete a ride on it at a speed of 95 mph. The roller coaster only lifts up once as opposed to other coasters that lift twice or thrice in the going. It has two large hills on which the coaster goes at full speed, making the ride all the more intense.

Length: 8133 ft.

2) Ultimate

It takes about 7 minutes to complete a ride on this beauty at a speed of 50 mph. The trains can contain a maximum of 38 people and currently takes two trains on the run. The ride includes a couple airtime lifts, a series of five bunny hops and two helices.

Length: 7424 ft

3) The Beast

Built at a height of 34 m, The Beast is the fastest wooden roller coaster when it takes about 4:10 minutes to travel. The train courses through two major airtime lifts and a signature double helices featuring two tunnels, turning people anti-clockwise, making it extremely exciting.

Length: 7361 ft

4) Fujiyama

At a whopping height of 79 m, Fujiyama carries you through a fun ride in 3.36 minutes at a speed of 81 mph. It has a maximum rider age and a height restriction of 110 cm. You hop through a large drop, 'headchopper' and bunny hops.

Length: 6709 ft

5) Fury 325

As in the name, Fury 325 takes you a long distance in 3.25 minutes at a speed of 95 mph. One among the tallest roller coasters in the world, built at a height of 99 m! It runs through a chain lift hill, 'horseshoe', 3 'camelback' and a 180 degree sharp turn.

Length: 6602 ft.

6) Millenium Force

Trains in this roller coaster go at a speed of 93 mph and takes about 2.20 minutes to complete its course. Through three over-banked turns, two long tunnels and about 4 sharp hills and when it passes over a lagoon, a zero-gravity moment- its quite a ride.

Length: 6595 ft

7) Formula Rossa

The fastest roller coaster in the world! Traveling at a speed of 150 mph, using a hydraulic launch system, the ride takes 1.32 minutes to complete its course. The steel roller coaster is at a height of 52 m and the mega launch is breath-taking!

Length: 6561 ft

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8) The Voyage

2.45 minutes of pure bliss on Holiday World and Splashin' Safari, The Voyage is a wooden roller coaster that takes you at 67 mph. It is a journey through airtime lifts, vertical loops, 'spaghetti bowl', 90 degree banked turns and curved 'S's.

Length: 6442 ft

9) California Screamin'

At Disney, California, traveling at 55 mph is the California Screaming with helices and zero-gravity elevations. You are shot and re-hoisted at intervals in this ride. 2.08 minutes of nervous excitement!

Length: 6105 ft

10) Desperado

Part of a casino in Nevada, Desperado is a 2.43 minute ride at 80 mph, built 64 m high. This steel hyper-coaster is located within the premises of Buffalo Bill's resort and Casino.

Length: 5843 ft

Hurry up! Take notes and add them to your bucket list now. Fun rides await you!