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Monthly Leo Horoscope

Leo horoscope December, 2022

The last month of December will mostly work in your favor, but the natal chart should be examined. The entertainment activities are on, as the Sun, Venus, and Mercury will be transiting together until the tenth of Venus. Venus will square Neptune in Pisces, and there will be an immense desire to go around and meet people will there. This is a brilliant month for singles to reach out to like-minded people. Multiple trines, squares, and conjunctions are occurring, spurring your creative juices to show off to people are proclaiming you are a creative person. Over say, you will find how exciting it is to explore new avenues of creativity, and all things happen for a reason. The level of trust which you have in yourself will develop. Still, you should get your act together.

Love is in the air, but it's natural to have difficult days and good days in love. Until the tenth, Venus, the planet of love, will send its rays on the single Leos, but the promises should be kept in check. It is not very to get into serious love when the Sun conjuncts Venus, so take everything slow and wait until Venus reaches Aquarius. Mars, which is still in retrogression through Gemini, which rules the eleventh house, and you will know some long-term relationships are not helping to grow, so it's good to call it quits. The Fullmoon on the seventh will push you to the close of the chapter; the rest is your decision. Long-term projects will be your focus, but it takes more effort to maintain them.

Coming to an end in the third week of the month, you will see the Sun step into the top of the natural zodiac wheel, Capricorn, which means the sixth house of your horoscope. The monthly horoscope of Leos shows working with children, spending time with them, and just being happy-go-lucky, but things will change during the second half because you have to burn the midnight oil at work and maintain your health.

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