Read Leo weekly horoscope by Astrologer Jayashree for the week starting December 25.

Weekly Leo Horoscope

We have reached the dead end of 2022, and the planets are moving through the preset values of the omnipresent. Nothing can break the rules set by the universe, so we need to accept those energies wholeheartedly. The last week of this year will end with Mercury's retrogression occurring in the sixth house of debts, diseases and enemies. The retrogression will start by the twenty-ninth, so you have to be careful with your health, finances and enemies. Retrogression means repetition so the old issues can resurface. It can be in the workplace, physical, or issues from your financial matters. However, you will be able to overcome the issues as the Sun in Capricorn is ideal for defeating adverse situations.

The conjunction of the Sun, Mercury and Venus will bring out a bit of the past entrenched in you. It is tough to keep a lot of troubled past, but this is also a great time to deal with it. You may be dealing with vulnerable moments when these planets aspects your subconscious mind, but this is the time to get rid of it. These are not the days of hoot, but you must take your life seriously by hand and foot.

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The retrogression of Mars will get aggravated by the retrogression of Mercury and you are supposed to be silent during the group meetings. Please stay away from rapid-fire rounds, as these can even trigger you badly. So, buckle up for listening to some business ideas, and you have to note them down. Invariably the universe runs according to the preset tracks, so no matter who you are, the events will surely take place in the destined time. So we need to learn from our past mistakes which we did especially in business plans and friendships. Please learn to accept the talent of your teammates too.

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This free Leo weekly horoscope explains the planetary transits between December 25 and December 31 and its effect on natives of Leo zodiac sign.

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