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Kids can learn better through Picture-Books !!

Gone are the days when we could turn over pages after pages and still get colorful illustrations filled with characters, places, animals, birds etc. how wonderful it felt to finish an entire book in less than a minute without having to read any of the easy literature and still somehow manage to understand what happens during the course of the story. Also now you could add this one into your collection of picture books that you claim to have finished reading, and still continue to look for more.

Those were the wonderful days where picture books ruled our lives. How useful are picture books now for the kids of this generation? Will it help them as it helped us years ago? Are picture books really good for kids? We’ll see !!

Kids learn more about animals from Picture books!!

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Kids learns more about animals from Picture books!!

Kids love animals and birds but at a very tender age, but the fact is they know only 2 things – petting and playing with the animal or getting a little frightened by the animal’s moves. Well we all do get a little alarmed seeing an elephant sometimes, don’t we? Exactly !!

But kids are somehow far more interested than adults to learn more about animals than adults do, which is why they tend to have a more curious kind of behavior once they’ve set their eyes on a, particularly cute or scary looking animal.

The best thing parents can do is teach or tell their kids, a few facts about the animal they’re looking at to help them learn a bit more of the nature of the animal. And the best way to take up that job would be to use picture books.

Researchers found out that sometimes more than vocabulary books, it’s the picture books that can really help kids learn better. According to one researcher, reading picture books with kids exposes them to information about animals in a way that allows kids to readily apply this knowledge more broadly which is the key to learning.

Ina study carried out by researchers, it was found that mothers who used picture books to read out to their kids made the kids more interested to learn about animals that they didn't see every day. While reading these picture story books, The mothers were also simultaneously providing facts about the animals that would further raise the interest in the kids.

The study was carried out by Professor Daniela O”Neil from the Department of Psychology at Waterloo.

Kids can learn about food from picture books !!

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Kids can learn about food from picture books !!

Kids can be really fussy when it comes to food and you really can’t blame them. Cos they're more likely to eat food that they consider tasty and reject the ones that are either sour, bitter, salty or maybe just don't taste good. And ranting about how green vegetables or veggies are good for kids aren’t going to make them munch them either. The worst part is when they're still crying to get a bag of potato chips after having finished 3 in a row.

Whereas researchers now have found the solution through picture books by going to say how these kinds of books can help kids change their current food habits just by going through the pictures.

According to one researcher, books that have positive messages about good eating habits and the ones which were communicated in creative, Clever, believable, child-friendly, non-preachy and in a non-forceful manner is what parents are more likely to prefer.

Different food-related books had varying features though, like -

    • 50 % had a specific eating behavior.
    • 21% had lifestyle or eating patterns
    • 20% had food-related sensations and emotions
    • 9% had table manners.

Sometimes the books had clear or direct messages, while others could have a bit more complicated or vague kind of information that could be misinterpreted by kids. Doesn’t mean food-related books promote any kind of wrong food consumption practice to kids. These books can actually help kids improve their eating habits or even teach them certain nutritional values at a young age. Parents can also use these books to get a better idea of how to tackle the problem of their kids’poor eating habits by educating them about the kind of foods that are both good and bad for their health by showing them pictures.

The study was carried out by Oksana Matvienko Ph.D. of the School of Kinesiology, Allied Health, and Human Services, University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls.

Toddlers can learn complex actions from Picture Books !!

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Toddlers can learn complex actions from Picture Books !!

Face it, Little kids!! The only reason you all really love books is cos there are pictures on every page and no don't tell me that you actually read all those knowledge-giving-printed-words inside. T hats Okay!!, those pictures were literally meant for you to get a visual understanding of those boring sentences.

In an experiment carried out by researchers, kids were assigned to 3 groups(18 months,24 months and 30 months) were given a picture book that showed them how to make a rattle sound. One book had colored photographs while the other book had colored pencil drawings that were actually another version of the photograph. At the end of the reading, the researchers provide the kids with items that could or could not make rattling sounds. The kids, however, were able to perfectly recall what items could make the rattling noises and even gave the researchers a demonstration.

However the 18 months kids were not really able to quickly grasp the directions given from the colored drawings book but were able to make out the instructions from the book containing the colored photographs. This was actually because of their slightly younger age where they were only starting to get a hang of things around them.

The research does show that little kids easily learned to perform novel actions with the novel objects even after spending a small time looking at the pictures and then putting their practical skills to use. This could very well explain how kids use this kind of learning experience to further study about things happening in the world.

The research was carried out by psychologist Judy Deloache Ph.D., University of Virginia and psychologist Gabrielle Simcock Ph.D., University of Queensland.

For the young parents out there !!

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Young parents can read to their kids their favorite bedtime story

Go to any bookstore and make sure you get children’s books, try looking for the ones with colorful pictures in them, buy them, bring them home, and start reading them to your kids. Make sure you don’t simply just read the words aloud, but instead show them these illustrations that can further enhance the child’s interest of what happens next in the story.

And while they may not necessarily have the patience at first, select a better time o read them a picture book story. The best time would be bedtime, read out your kid’ s favorite bedtime story while they’re tucked comfortably in your arms, show them the pictures on each page and try putting on a different voice for each of the character’s in the story, to make them laugh from time to time.