Jupiter Transit in Aries December 2022 Image Source: Prokerala

Jupiter Transit in Aries December 2022

The year 2022 is coming to an end. But Jupiter has forayed towards Aries with its characteristic confidence. Aries- the house of Mars is going to be housing Jupiter for a while. As Aries is marking the first sign, we can see that there is going to be new starts with the divine planet entering the first sign of the Zodiac. The house of expansion and wisdom made its entry into Aries on December 20th, 2022, from Pisces. We can feel the transition of the planet of fortune, moving from the creativity of Pisces to the action oriented Aries, in many areas according to your rising sign or Zodiac sign. Let's do the digging:


The Transit of Jupiter in Aries is going to be in the first house. Your personality is going to be more outgoing and ambitious. You will be face to face with fortune and you will know it. You will barge ahead into areas you did not think you would make an entry into. Your father or seniors will influence and guide you. You will feel the support of the higher power in everything you do. You could be self absorbed at times, and may not care about others. Over all you are in for a roll!


Because of this transit of Jupiter in Aries, you should be a little frugal now. Your income could exceed the expenses. Your eighth lord is sitting in your twelfth, hence you could lose sleep over some losses and medical expenses. You could also take a trip abroad.


Your seventh lord is in your eleventh house during this transit of Jupiter in Aries. If you are single, you will get married, and most possibly, someone in your friend's circle has eyes on you! You may find your soulmate and be happy about it. You can expect a raise in your salary.


You will put an end to workplace politics and backstabbing. You may see yourself promoted in your job really soon with this celestial upgrade in your tenth house. You may go on a pilgrimage as well. You will feel more guided in your workplace. Your superiors are going to be of substantial support to you.


The Lions are going to have an exceptional time of enjoyment, entertainment, and relaxation. Mentally, Leos will feel rested and positive. Your children are going to fare better in their studies. Even your losses are going to bring you a lot of luck. Look out for windfalls, wins in the lottery, and bouts of luck during this phase. You may inherit something valuable.


You could lose some calm on the home front during this transit of Jupiter in Aries. There would be expenses related to your spouse and home. You may also buy a property or renovate a house. When buying real estate, make due enquiries to avoid future complications. There could be fights with your business partners.


In this transit of Jupiter in Aries, you could meet your significant other during a brief trip, which will mark one of your positive encounters. Like in a fairy tale! You could invest in a new communication gadget. If planning to marry, this is the time to take the necessary action. You should take care of your spouse, if already married.


You should watch your cardiac health. You may fail to keep your word many times during this transit of Jupiter in Aries. You may have disputes in the family area. You could get into a litigation related to family property. You will spruce up your health care or exercise regimen. Your mental peace may take a vacation. It's imperative to keep your calm and think well before making hasty decisions. We would advise you to speak with enough forethought.


The lord of Sagittarius is Jupiter, and it is transiting the fifth house with this Jupiter Transit in Aries. If you are planning to buy a house, this is the apt time. You will become more confident during this cycle of Jupiter. Your children will do better in studies and bring you pride. There will be sparkle in your romantic pursuits too! You will get divine guidance in your creative pursuits, which will sky rocket during this time.


You will wonder at the gift of your gab and the way you make people feel good with your words. If in the media, you are going to make a mark. But you will have a lot of expenses back home with renovation. If you intend selling your house or if into real estate, this transit of Jupiter in Aries is the ideal time for it.


The transit of Jupiter in Aries brings about a lot of networking online. You could get popular among your friends. You will earn money through communications. If you are into sales and marketing, you will make your mark like never before. You may make small trips with your family or friends.


The transit in Aries is in the second house for Pisces, which brings about additions in the family. Jupiter lights up your area of finance and monetization of your abilities. You will place your values first and you will speak the truth. This transit of Jupiter will shed light in brilliant ways, as the divine guidance will follow you in the respective areas Jupiter is gracing. So you all!! Chill and tap into the celestial wisdom with this transit.

Best of Jupiter to you!!