A guy who has this habit of narrating even the tiniest incident with utmost precision and detail. Telling stories without quick endings, sharing personal experiences(emotions and gestures included) and replaying age old memories hoping that the listener would tearfully smile(doesn't work always). Making people laugh from time to time(I'd live for that). Now if only all of this could be combined into a job, this guy would have been hired almost a decade ago.

A content writer by day, a storyteller by night. I've probably been doing this my whole life. With people sitting in front of me - listening, smiling, approving and even questioning became a part of my life. I really wish I could simply add all these instances in my resume.

The only difference now though is that I won't be seeing any of you guys as I go on. But at the end of the day, I like to believe, you guys have heard me anyway.