Are there more items on your plate that you can manage, then perhaps that is what we would like to ask you today. Are you feel all stressed, down and blank at the end of the day? Are you clueless and not feeling yourself? 

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Are you screaming inside, crying and telling yourself- that you can’t take it any more? 

In short, this awful and exhaustive experience is what the medical world terms as Stress.

But, you know that there is a solution for everything. Of course, I won’t be able to wipe away the problems that haunt you. But, surely, if you build up the mental strength- then that is what can help you face stress more than anything else.

Dear friend,

I have three vital pieces of advice for you:

Adopt acceptance: Problems will come by in life, without our permission, but if we search and find solutions for them- it would be an easier way to face and combat the world of stress.

Knowledge: If you read what I am going to tell you, then probably- you may feel the need to find ways to let go of the stress that you bottle up inside you.

I cannot force you, but surely will pass on well researched after effects of stress on the human body. 

Cure: No, I won’t leave you in mid-air. Once the problems are shared, I can also give in cures for the problem. Such cures don’ t happen at the flick of a finger, but these are also recommendations that were researched by experts.

No 1: Stress could shrink brain size

Stress sometimes could make you lose direction and rack of your goals and aspirations in life. As per the research conducted at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, they have given a reason on how stress could distort your brain.. before you even realize it.

Snapshot of the research:

  • Constant stress can bang our brains in a really horrid way. 
  • Stress could cause a memory impair and also a rapid shrinkage of brain as a person ages in life.
  • This deterioration affects the brain of middle age people the most and that is what could cause a lot of problems in the latter part of life.
  • The sad part stress could shrink the brain – a long time before the person is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and other memory deterioration related diseases.

What causes stress related medical problems?

  • We, as humans have cortisol and this is one hormone that links the body to stress. 
  • People who reach their 40s and 50s will attain a hike in the level of cortisol in the body, 
  • When cortisol levels are high, the person experiences a staggering memory loss and other basic cognitive tasks seems to be done with a lot of difficulty.
  • The study also pointed out that smaller brain sizes could lead to high level of cortisol in the blood.
  • The more busier lives you have, the more chances are there for stress seeping into your mind and body system.

A Solution: According to them, a simple solution is that a person who gets stressed continually – will have to grab a few hours of extra rest or sleep to relieve those brain nerves, 

No.2:  Stress Issue: Stress could bring down female fertility

Stress affects all humans alike. But when it comes to the female world, it could affect them an itsy bitsy mile more than men. Let us understand why the research says so.

Facts that you should know:

  • At the Boston University, a research revealed out that almost 20% of the men of the reproductive age suffer from a reasonable level of psychological stress.
  • And later on, they also found out that even women are affected and in fact they get affected in a worse way,
  • When women rise up in the scale of stress, they face a lot of problems with regard to infertility. The body becomes too stained and that will mess up the hormone levels of the woman. 
  • This will interfere with the menstrual cycles and that causes a delay in the ability of a woman to conceive.
  • A possible reason for this could also be their inability to enjoy sex, have less sleep and even cordial relations with their partner.

No 3: Pregnancy Stress Invites Mood Disorders

Pregnancy is one time when women can have a lot of unexplained emotions. It could hurt a lot and this could cause them to be upset for long and uncertain hours of the day. This is why, the family needs to be highly supportive and patient when a woman goes through such situations of distress.

What could stress do to the offspring of the pregnant woman?

  • When stress hits the expecting lady, she becomes depressive and highly anxious in nature,.
  • As per the study done recently, it was found out that the negative effect of the stress will affect the female offspring more than the male offspring. 
  • It has been noticed that male off-springs did not face the after- effects of the high cortisol of their mothers.
  • But the girl children, showed very evident signs of depressive signs at the age of 2 years and this would indirectly affect their brain development.
  •  Such girl children became more fussy and showed unpredictable anxiety when they interaced with families and friends.
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Stress can be Reduced in a Healthy Way

Of course, everything in this world has two sides of the same coin. So, there is a good and a bad. In this case, if the problem happens to be stress, then the good will be some worthwhile and long lasting solution to bring a cure to the problem.

Stress Solution 1: Exercise to release stress

We all know that exercise, yoga, meditation, and even clean, organic diets can help a lot in buikling a healthy mind and body. Similarly, exercise does play a role to deviate and release that stress from our body,

Exercise- an effective way to de- stress

  • A few months back, the team at the University of British Columbia went about doing a detailed research on stress and its fine relation with exercise.
  • If you need to relieve from stress, the most basic reality is that – you need to work towards it.
  • It is necessary that you exercise at least 3-4 times in a week and that will help you vent out the stress that is locked up within you.
  • This experiment was tried upon old people who were suffering from a lot of stress and other memory loss related issues like Dementia. 
  • Once they exercised, and interacted with their instructor and other people who exercised, they felt much better and light in their minds.

Stress Solution 2: Can video games do the trick?

Well, I think the first solution is something we all can do in our own limitations. Now, there are many people who do not prefer that stretch and bend mode of fitness. So, here is one more that I picked for you! 

I think it is joyful, pleasant and give more space for any person to bring out the child and happy self out in the open. So, what is this research all about?

Research Facts about Video Games and Stress

  • At the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, the research experts came up with a rather interesting idea of de- stressing people.
  • They noticed that most people who live in their prime ages, and balance house, work, money and social relations – feel frustrated, sad, anxious and irritated.
  • Yes, this is all true and we all fall prey to this bracket of feelings!
  • Too much stress and stray thoughts could lead to fatigue in any person. The older you are, the more is the negative effect of stress.
  • For this, it is recommended that people take a 5 min break from their monotonous work schedule. During this time, they need to play video games.
  • It can be a casual game and nothing too ambitious.
  • This is said to relax the mind. It improves the mood and even the cognitive functions of the person can improve to a large extent.
  • The participants were also made to simply relax and sit idle during the rest period, but surprisingly, it brought less or no benefits to the people. In fact, some people felt more stressed after sitting idle and thinking more about various happenings in life.

The Stress Dilemma

We all face stress but if we can try, stress can be handled in a better way. Our lives could get destroyed if we wallow in the ditch of grief, anxiety and stress. For a person to be successful, he needs to be happy, calm and have the ability to think on his own.

Stress numbs all emotions and therefore this should be controlled.