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Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese traditional set of beliefs which utilizes the enormous energy of wind and water to channelize positive energy flow in a individuals home and life. It has a wide popularity in the western countries also along with strong belief in the Asian region of the world. The Feng Shui practice typically involves arranging the dwelling area and re-arranging the stuff around you that you interact with in your day to day life. It is believed to bring in harmony and well being and is also supposed to strengthen your financial position if you follow the methodologies carefully.

Feng Shui techniques for attracting wealth and money are hugely popular and are believed to have shown good results. Following is a discussion on the key points to benefit from the same:

Get rid of the clutter in your home : Take some timeout of your daily schedule to throw away the stuff that you believe you don't need hanging around in your house. These kinds of things cause a feeling of unhappiness and negativity and block the flow of positive energy or 'Chi'. The closets should be cleaned and there should be ample room below and above your bed to let Chi flow freely in the room.

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Include Water element in your home : Water is the key Feng Shui element which attracts well being and prosperity. It is believed to attract wealth. Keep the water free flowing and without any constraints as much as possible. It is advisable to install a water fountain for best results. Fish tanks strategically placed are also a good way to attract positivity in home. Put images of water fountains, rivers or sea which show abundance of water. Avoid stagnancy of water in vase etc.

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Take care of the Wealth corners : Enhance the positive energy flow in the wealth corners of your house by hanging Feng Shui elements like chimes, coins attached with red ribbons etc. If you use coins , make sure to use them in combinations of 3, 6 or 8 which manifest money inflow.

Add plants : Try to put some flower vases with colored flowers like red or purple in the wealth areas of your house. They are also helpful to enhance the Feng Shui energy and results in wealth flow according to guidelines.

Add pictures of affluence : Mind is believed to most affect how your life shapes up. Thus to achieve what you want add photographs of the things that you want most. Photographs depicting wealth and abundance can be added to attract the same. Harvesting photographs or that of a new car or a plush house are examples.

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Make good use of Feng Shui colors for prosperity : Feng Shui techniques recommend colors like red, green, gold, black and purple which have strong wealth affinity. Use them as wall colors in the wealth areas of your home.

Place auspicious elements all over the houseRecommended are placing wind chimes on the ceiling, a big mirror in the dining room and hang acrystal ball in the far left corner of the living room.etc.

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