For those who are wondering what this Dry January suspense is all about? I would say- it simply means good news to all of us. It means happiness to families who are struggling to make ends meet.

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Dry January may sound a bit depressing and confusing, but no worries- it does not mean anything negative to any of us. Unless of course- you are an alcoholic?

What does research have to say about Dry January?

Let’s get down to some facts that would interest you:

Dry January means a month without any sort of alcohol and liquor of any sort!

If your mind is shouting something like, ‘Oh My!’; then just hang on!

Research will show you why you need to lay your hands off from alcohol for just one month.

I don’t think that it is that difficult, if you can try. 

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More on the Dry Jan Research

At the University of Sussex, it was found that people who abstained from a whole month of Booze or rather alcohol, did reap their share of benefits. Have any guesses of what that could be?

  • Once people kept the liquor stash out of their mind, they could regain the mental control over the urge to gulp down a shot.
  • Next, apart from bringing a break to their alcoholic fantasies- they could also improve their health, improve their skin and complexion.
  • Plus, the best part is that- they could shed a handful of those troublesome kilos. Isn’t that great? Yes of course!

What happens in the long run?

Less Drinks:

  • It was noticed that they drunk less in the coming months. 
  • In short, they could reduce their drinking habits in a short span of time- with no medications whatsoever.

More Savings:

  • Yes, since they did not waste a lot of money on these litres of worthless liquid- they had enough cash to splurge on other necessities. 
  • This meant no more squeezing your needs until the next payday. Cool, huh?
  • Plus, this was like an unexpected golden egg- more money- meant fatter bank balances and that meant more savings. 

Blissful Sleep:

  • Sleep is a must for our body. The less sleep, the more tired you become and in turn this affects your work, school, and even relationships.
  • Less alcohol gave way to sound nights when people could get a full night’s sleep.

Better Relationships:

  • When alcohol was out of many homes, this meant that people could get to speak sense to their spouses.
  • That reduces the incidents of family rifts, and uneasiness within the family atmosphere.

More Achievements:

  • You might be wondering what achievements have got to do with a bit of booze, huh? But, research shows that the lesser you drink, your mind is clear and you tend to act more level headed in life. 
  • Your memory power increases, you tend to get out and have better social relations. When the body is clean, then you perform better in education and even in work. That way – you get more professional and even social recognitions in life.

Systematic Weight Control:

  • Have you noticed that people who drink- tend to eat more? If not, take a deeper look at them. Those who drink have a tendency to ea more snacks, fried goodies and they have no control or account of what goes into their tummy. They feel more hungry when they drink and that increases their tendency to overeat.
  • This will surely widen their tummy line!
  • But once, your drinks are put to a stop, the hunger pangs are also reduced substantially. That will reduce your body weight drastically. Plus if you have healthy salads and protein rich foods- the results will get even better. 

More Energetic:

  • Now, this is rather interesting point. When you drink less, you are more energetic.
  • You do not tend to be morose, unhappy, pessimistic and negative.
  • People who drink less or even hardly- have leaner bodies and that makes them more energetic with regard to their physical activities.

Sharper Focus:

  • With a dry January, you can be sure to have a better focus in all your daily activities. 
  • Studies show that your brain will be able to concentrate better, with lesser after effects of alcohol. 
  • Your memory level gets boosted up and hat will surely reflect in the quality of your life.

Flaw Free Skin:

Who does not love a flawless skin? We all do! No lying about it!

  • But when you take in a lot of alcohol, this does contain a lot of impurities and that will keep building up within the body.
  • At some point it will reflect within the body and that is what affects the skin.
  • People who drink a lot, will also eat a lot of unhealthy foods. Plus they may smoke too.
  • All this build up will create pimples, ulcers, infections, and even heart and cardiovascular problems within the skin.

Health on the brighter side:

  • On the whole, a month of no alcohol will reap in positive effects on your body.
  • You will feel good inside, and seriously- you can feel it!
  • Better physical health- gives way to better mental health and that ensures happier people.
  • If the world is filled with such happier and healthier people, we will have to face less of rifts and aggression.

The Dry Conclusion

Well, I do not mean to say that you stay out of alcohol just for a month. But try it- and see the positive difference it will have on you and on those who care for you.

Rifts and problems are bound to happen in this world- and alcohol should not be taken as an option to burn off such options overnight. Mind you- no problem flies of from our lives overnight!

Instead, talk to people, gather knowledge, strength and spiritual blessings to understand how to tackle the life in the best way possible.

Yeah, I know I have talking about Dry January, but on  a second thought, it may be good idea to make this a Dry Year eventually.

If you are up for this challenge, this hats off to you and lemme know if you plan to do so!