It's time when people gathered in chorus to Christmas carols, decked the halls with decorations and put up Christmas trees in warm winter attires, waiting for Santa to show up. Now, imagine if Santa shows up in a summer suit! Christmas is celebrated differently in different countries, and believe it or not, there are countries where Christmas is a summer affair. Here's why.

Most countries in the Southern hemisphere are inclined towards the sun during the months of November to early February; not to resort to planetary sciences, but it's summer in these countries during these months. When traditionally, Christmas is celebrated on December 25th every year worldwide, Christmas falls in summer in these countries.

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Here is a list of countries that celebrate Christmas during summer:


Being located in the Southern hemisphere, June-July are the coldest months in Australia, which means summer peaks in December and January. Australians celebrate a day out on Christmas in light, breezy clothes, hosting family gatherings out on the lawn. They cook their favorite Christmas meal course, mainly seafood or grilled chicken, and share traditional Christmas delicacies and hog on chilled drinks. The many beaches that edge the continent are crowded on this day.

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South Africa

Christmas is all about family and fun. People in South Africa celebrate their festive day in the sun, camping, or traveling the countryside. They enjoy games and music and a whole deal of swimming. A wholesome meal of roasted turkey and beef chops, with iced drinks or chilled beer on the side, and a heavy serving of Christmas dessert complete their day. Midnight masses, fire crackers, and a lovely day spent outdoors is an ideal picture of Christmas in South Africa. Children hang Christmas stockings and wait for Santa in anticipation.

New Zealand

New Zealand being the neighboring country to Australia, also enjoys Christmas in its hottest months. Christmas there is a public holiday, and most people celebrate the festival on the beach. You may even see Santa Clauses entertaining children by the shore. New Zealand hosts special Santa parades and carol services, which are the main celebratory events. They have their own collection of carol songs, and people gather to sing them in the evenings. Midnight masses, and barbeque feasts, are other rituals that follow it.

The Very Welly Christmas Parade in Wellington, New Zealand Image Source: Xinhua/Guo Lei/IANS


A warm summer Christmas is their favorite holiday of the year. Midnight mass is religiously attended, and people celebrate their Christmas with fire crackers and parades. Argentinians engage in decorating Christmas trees friends ans family, and they decorate them with cotton balls to depict snow. They fill their evening with live music, huge barbeque feasts with turkey and beef, and wine delicacies.


A little different from the rest, Bolivians do not strictly follow the fun ritual of setting up a Christmas tree, although they burst fire crackers after the midnight mass. Bolivians celebrate their Christmas all the way to January 6th, and do most part of their celebrations then, instead of December 25th. They feast on beef, pork and lamb along with fresh fruits and salads to complete the festivities.


Christmas in Brazil falls in the first days of summer. They enjoy their festivities decorating Christmas trees, attending midnight masses, nativity scenes, and Santa Claus parades. Brazilians look out for the warm family dinners where they feast on the special 'Chester,' a variety of chicken particularly bred to have more of thigh and breast meat. They sprinkle artificial snow to imitate the northern Christmas climate.

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Christmas time is picnic time in Madagascar. The warm summer calls for a nice day out perfect for camping. They decorate Christmas trees, and even the streets with artificial snow and robins to give out the winter-y feels. People visit their elders and respectable others as a common Christmas tradition, and greet each other saying "Arahaba tratry ny Noely," which translates to Merry Christmas. They wait patiently for their Dadabe Noely (which means Santa Claus), and the royal entry of Dadabe Noely is the main attraction of celebrations here.


It is summer season in Angola too. While Christmas is a matter of spiritual festival in rural areas, it is a grand and organized festival in the cities of Angola. This is when people spend their time decorating Christmas cribs in their homes, each with a unique touch of young creativity. They exchange personalized gifts, and prepare food for the needy in the true spirit of Christmas. They traditionally feast on Bolo-rei, or the king-cake, and gathering to enjoy family dinners is what Angolans wait for.

While Christmas celebrations have been conventionalized with pictures of snow, warm winter clothes and snowmen embellished with Christmas wreaths, the idea is different in these countries. And so has come the concept of Christmas in July, when Christmas is celebrated in their winter season in the month of July. Visit these countries if you wish to celebrate a summer Christmas for once.

Happy Holidays, and Merry Christmas!