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Christmas games and activities for kids !!

It's Christmas Season folks !! While most of you are gearing up for the celebrations, we thought maybe we could give you some tips as to how to you could get the job done much easier and quicker. Ask your kids for help. Trust me, kids know how to get things done these days. 

Also, let this be a time for kids to enjoy and learn what it means to really celebrate the spirit of Christmas. Merry Christmas everyone !!

Games !!

Picture Time!

Ask the kids to draw a picture of Santa Claus in his ever famous pose of riding a sleigh pulled by his 8 trusty flying reindeer. Provide the kids with color pencils, markers, crayons, paints and brushes, and even papers. Ask them to use their own imagination of how Santa Claus would be able to ride in such a fashion. Make sure they don’t take a peek at a few references.

Gift wrap and that's a wrap !!:

The game is going to test your wrapping and packaging skills. The judge of the game will have to bring a random collection of objects. Each player will be assigned to 10 different objects. Wrapping paper and tape should be provided. They can wrap the gist in whatever style they like, but each gift should be sealed perfectly within their respective wrapping paper. Set the timer for 2 minutes. The winner is the one who has the most gifts wrapped.

The Jingle Bells Band !!

You all know the famous jingle bells song right. The game is that the kids should sing it an entirely original style. That means don’t sing it in the same classic tune. The kids can get assistance, and opt for a band of three. Gather around all their friends for the game. The winner is the one who gets the people in the room to stomp their feet along with the beat.

Santa  Clones/A Santa Claus Disguise!

The challenge is that the kids should transform themselves into Old man Santa Claus. Do tell them that the disguise should make them look unrecognizable. For the final touches change your voice and your walking style by walking energetically slow.

Dressed in Red/Green!

Red and green only. Instruct the kids to dress up in a red/green costume. Red/green hats, red/green gloves, red/green socks and even red/green shoes. Tell them that it should be so red/green that it should look like they’re a Christmas superhero.

Watch and review an Old Christmas Movie!

Screen a few old Christmas movies for kids for a period of 3 days. And ask them to write their honest review on a piece of paper. Like the things they liked or didn't, scenes that made them happy or sad and what was the one thing they learned from the movie. Try these movies Elf, the Nightmare before Christmas, The Polar Express, Home Alone, A Christmas Carol.

Activities !!

Set the lights!

When you’re setting up light inside the house, ask the kids to help you out. Try even listening to some of their suggestions as to how the house can be decorated. The goal should be to make the house as colorful and bright as possible. Most importantly it should have a Christmas-sy kinda feel.

Christmas cake!

Try baking two Christmas cakes. Leave them untouched. Now allow the kids to show off their cake decorating skills. Do provide them with the required icing flavors of their choice. The writings on the cake should be Christmas related. Also, provide a few cherries that they can place on the cake once they’re done.

Decorating the Christmas Tree!

Get the Christmas decorations box outside and instruct the kids to use all their creative skills to decorate the Christmas tree. Tell them to spare no decoration and make the tree is as colorful as possible. Also, make sure yo tell the kids to leave just enough space between two decoration in such a way that they down collide with each other. 

Greeting Cards!

Remember the 70s, 80s, 90s tradition of Christmas cards, of course, you do!! What about the kids?  Why don’t you try letting them bring it back to life? Tell the kids to design colorful Christmas cards and ask them to send them all to their loved ones. Provide the kids with glitter pens to make it all shiny and sparkly. 

Christmas Shopping!

Give the kids a shopping cart of their own and tell them to get all the things that they would need for Christmas. Do stress the line,” Christmas Only”. Let it be Christmas decorations, Christmas food, Christmas clothes etc.

Setting the Christmas Crib !!

Probably one of the best things to do at Christmas, setting the crib. Give the kids the character models and let them take up the job of recreating the holy day through the crib model. Tell them to look at a few pictures on the internet so they get a better idea as to where it would be best to place each of the characters. Make sure you set a little light in the model to make it look a little extra beautiful.