This online carbohydrate calculator tells you the amount of carbohydrates you need daily for your metabolic activities and required intake during a particular day to avoid weight gain. At the end of the test you can get a list of low carb food for a healthy diet.

Carbs Requirement Calculator

Carb Calories for Healthy Diet

Have you ever counted the intake of carbs in your food? Do you skip carbohydrates completey or take them in required portion (or out of portions)? Carbohydrates is the body's prime energy source and carbohydrates is essential for the human body in its required quantity to perform various functions. But excess of carbs can lead to weight gain and several other troubles related to it. This is an online carbohydrate calculator that lets you know the amount of carbohydrates required by your body, based on your age, height, weight and physical activity. Also carbohydrate requirement for men and women differ, so it is ideal to check it using this free online carbohydrate requirement calculator to maintain a balanced diet and lead a healthy life.

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