What is your daily calorie requirements based on your daily activity?

The calculator given below is a Calorie Calculator to find your calorie requirement daily.

Calorie Calculator

To calculate your Daily Calorie Needs, enter your age, height and weight in the box given below and click "Calculate" button.

Calorie Calculator

Extra calories in your diet can lead to unhealth and disease. Your diet should be based on your calorie requirements. Here is a Calorie Calculator which will help you find out your daily requirement of calories based on the activities you do daily. Your daily calorie requirement is based on factors like your age, weight, daily activities etc... Therefore to calculate calories needed per day, the calorie calculator takes into consideration the above mentioned factors.

What is Calorie Calculator used for?

A activity calorie calculator helps you find out your exact requirement of daily calories based on the activities performed. Therefore based on your daily activities, be it sedentary, light, moderate or heavy activity you perform daily; you can find out the required intake of calories.

Why should you calculate your daily calorie requirements?

Knowing your daily calorie requirements help you control you diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Excess intake of calorie, ie. extra calories that is not burned while performing daily activities, is the root cause of many diseases. Therefore calculate your exact calorie requirements using this Calorie Calculator and plan your diet and meals based on you calorie needs and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Activity Levels

Sedentary : Any activity which rarely involves any physical activity. Sedentary activities include jobs which require standing or sitting for most of the day like driving, computer work, ironing, cooking etc...

Lightly Active : Involved in activities like child care, garage work, electrical trades, golfing etc., or exercises which requires walking at slow pace for half an hour a day, 3-4 times a week.

Moderately Active : Any activity which involves exercising or walking at a moderate pace for at least one hour per day, 3 - 4 times a week. Activities like heavy housework, yard work, carrying a load, cycling, tennis, dancing etc... are examples of moderate activity.

Very Active : Any activity involving heavy manual labor such as construction work, digging, climbing, carrying a load uphill, professional sports etc. comes under very active category and their calorie requirements is the highest.

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