What is Basal Metabolic Rate or BMR?

All living beings need energy to survive, which is derived from the food they consume. The amount of energy required however differs according to the age, sex, lifestyle and daily activities. BMR or Basal Metabolic Rate is the amount of energy burned by your body in a period of 24 hours at the state of complete rest with no mental or physical strain whatsoever. Simply, it is the amount of energy needed to stay alive, even if you do nothing!

Use the BMR Calculator given below to calculate your daily calorie needs based on your activity level.

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BMR Calculator

What does the BMR signify?

The first natural question that arises is, “Here’s my BMR, what do I do with it?!” The significance of BMR comes into play when we are dealing with serious weight loss plans. Dieting is not the same as fasting, as is the common misconception. When we eat less than our minimum energy needs, which happens to be our BMR, our body goes into the “anti-starvation” mode. Quite simply, the body holds on to its fat as an important resource, while we are trying to get rid of it! That is why most people experience weight loss up to a certain point and then it stops. The ideal way would be to eat a little more than the BMR, thus keeping the body from going into the above said mode. Then we would experience a slow yet steady weight loss.

What is Lean Body Mass or LBM? Is it the same as Ideal Body Weight?

Unlike what the name suggests, Lean Body Mass, shortened as LBM, is not the ideal weight of a lean body but it is the weight of your body with no fat at all.
Simply put, LBM includes the weight of your organs, bones, blood, muscles and skin.

As a matter of fact such a condition is not possible at all. In medical terms, a person would be dead if they had no fat at all. This number has nothing to do with the Ideal Body Weight. The actual need for LBM is that in some calculations concerning organ functioning and medical dosage it plays a major role.

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