Active Metaboilc Rate (AMR) is the actual amount of calories you burn each day due to physical activitites like going to the gym, aerobics, cooking, gardening, yoga and so on. Knowing your AMR is essential incase you want lose weight, stay fit and healthy or gain weight. Find below the Active Metaboilc Rate Caclculator, just as you wanted that uses the Harris-Benedict Equation.

Enter your weight, height, age and level of physical activity (1.25 if you are lightly active, 1.40 if you exercise almost every day, 1.60 if you are a full time construction worker, or professional athlete.) to calculate your AMR. You can lose weight if you consume lesser calories than you actually burn, but make sure that you consume not anything less than 1200 (for females), or 1600 calories (for males) everyday.

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